Did you know that each single brain cell has from 1,000 to 10,000 connections with other brain cells, making up to 10 trillion brain cell connections possible? Your brain is so powerful, yet it is not being used anywhere near its full potential.
I believe our modern day lives are, in part, responsible for us not using our brains as much as we should be.
Does this sound familiar to you? We come home after a hard day’s work after fighting our way through peak hour traffic, pick up the kids, drop into the supermarket and pick up some ingredients for dinner, arrive home, cook, then eat dinner. Totally exhausted, you flop on the couch and turn the TV on via the remote.
Have you ever noticed that when you sit down and turn the TV on, it’s like your brain switches off? You don’t have to think ... the TV does it for you.
Another example is your laptop computer, tablet and smartphone. You don’t need to think much when using them. They keep you fully entertained with what’s happening where, when, who’s doing what, videos, movies, news and Google.
If you don’t know an answer to a question, you just Google it. You may have previously known the answer but now you don’t have to think; it’s easier to just type in a few words and in an instant there’s the answer.
We don’t use our brains much, we don’t need to move out of our seats much and we don’t have to communicate with anyone around us, because we are fully entertained.
So when do we get a chance to use our brains any more? Do we sometimes wonder why there is an increasing number of people being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease?
And it is double trouble for your brain because you are sitting in your chair for hours mesmerised by all the activity happening on the screen in front of you, and you are not getting any exercise at all. Lack of exercise is another reason for poor brain health.
From adolescence onwards, our brains lose a high number of neurons every day. If brain cells have been idle or inactive for some time, they are called unconnected cells and they become a target for cell death. Active brain cells get a better blood supply than idle ones.
Did you know that your brain has the ability to change and improve itself? It is called neuroplasticity and recent research has discovered that there is regeneration of new brain cells throughout your entire lifetime.
So do not think because you are getting older that your brain is slowly deteriorating — this is far from true — and a very poor excuse. You just aren’t using your brain to its full potential.
So here are a few simple ideas that you can introduce into your daily life to start using your brain more often, which will also make life more interesting. Your brain really loves challenges, so you have to start doing things differently or do things you have not tried before.
Instead of watching TV every night of the week and on weekends, decide to watch TV one night, and do something different the next night, like:
• An after-dinner walk
• Playing a board game or cards
• Take up a new crafty hobby
• Learn to dance
• Get involved in a mid-week group sport
• Learn to play a musical instrument
• Read a book.

These are just a few ideas. By starting to introduce owther activities in your life that do not include TV and the internet, you will challenge your brain, which in turn is really getting those brain cells connecting, and your brain will love it. ❐