Amit and his team create a wide range of delicious meals that are cooked onsite, commencing with a hot breakfast daily and a range of meals provided throughout the day focusing on fresh, nutritious produce. The menus are carefully developed with input from SummitCare’s dietitian, ensuring flexibility in meal choices and dietary requirements.
“The needs of the residents always come first,” said general manager of Accommodation and Business Services, Caroline Collins. “The team understands the importance of the dining experience, including the ambience and atmosphere of the dining room that creates a welcoming and social occasion for residents and their guests every day.”
Amit Nagpal commented, “I always put myself in the place of the residents — what would I want, what would I want for my parents — and it is the ability to control your own meal choices.” Amit has introduced a style of service to match SummitCare Baulkham Hills’ first class environment and atmosphere.
“Giving our residents choices and options at each meal was key in designing the menu and also the design of the kitchen and servery. For example, we can provide a breakfast buffet to allow residents to choose what they like, and there's nothing more mouthwatering than the smell of fresh toast and freshly brewed coffee to get your day started, followed by a hot breakfast option through our range of additional services,” he said.
There is a choice of hot menu options at lunch and dinner created with quality seasonal produce, as well as soups, salads, sandwiches and scrumptious desserts, so there will be something on offer for everyone to enjoy.

SummitCare Baulkham Hills has now opened and executive chef Amit Nagpal is thrilled with the response from residents and their families to SummitCare's mouth-watering menus and special event packages.

Amit will start a vegetable patch in one of the home’s landscaped garden areas. “We are already growing plenty of fresh herbs, and residents will be able to grow a variety of vegetables but it’s difficult to grow enough broccoli to satisfy nearly 200 people.”
Amit will be hosting a series of cooking demonstrations in the Wellbeing Centre, which is open to day centre clients, residents and family members, Caroline said.
“Participation in activities such as this can increase socialisation and also awaken the senses, encouraging people to eat.”
Amit added, “People love to talk about food, and there are a lot of memories wrapped up with cooking and eating, so it’s nice for them to be included. It’s also a great way to really get to know other residents,” he said.
He is a big believer in dining as a way to socialise with other people.
“While there is always the option to request room service and dine in your suite, meals are an opportunity for residents to interact, get together with friends or catch up with family members,” he said. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re in one of the dining rooms, in the café or even hosting a dinner party in one of the private areas.”
Amit likes to offer a wide variety of dishes guaranteed to satisfy almost any taste and cultural preference, from grilled salmon to traditional fish and chips, along with roasts, pastas, curries, and sensational desserts including Amit’s specialty, deconstructed apple pie, which is sure to be a favourite alongside pannacotta served with berries.
“Our goal at SummitCare is to ensure the meals we prepare and the experience we create excite and delight our residents and their families, so everyone looks forward to mealtime.”
Since opening, SummitCare Baulkham Hills has hosted a number of themed events, with Melbourne Cup being a key feature and many more events planned as they gear up to celebrate their first Christmas together.
In addition, Amit and his team also provide a short-order menu for Café 117, including gourmet quiches, salads, sandwiches and a wide variety of home baked treats.
Amit is passionate about cooking for older people and planning special events.
“Keeping my community happy and contributing to their quality of life is really what it is about,” he said. “This means understanding their individual needs and working closely with the care team to ensure residents are getting the nutrition they need.
"This is achieved by offering choice and flexibility, conducting menu satisfaction surveys and monitoring what is being wasted and what is popular, so we can review menus to meets our customers’ wants and desires.”