Now that you’ve made the biggest decision in your life, you’ll soon realise that you have so many more decisions in front of you to make your big day exactly what you’ve always hoped for.
The first thing you should do is take some time for a chat with your partner about your big day, and what you both wish for to make it really special for both of you.
It can be as large or as small as you like, glamorous or casual, exotic or homely — the possibilities are endless.
Enjoy your time together as you plan your wedding. There will inevitably be some stress, some mistakes, some changes of mind, but it will always be your day, and your memories.
It’s all about you.

Before the big day

Planning your day

Now that you have a mental picture of your dream wedding day, it’s time to put it into perspective and start to bring it all together. Your immediate priority is to make a comprehensive list of every facet of your day as you imagine it, and start to consider who, where, and how all those elements of your big day can become a reality.
Your list will be an invaluable guide, motivator and checklist of your wedding jigsaw, and how it fits together. You should keep track of every aspect of the day, so you know at any time exactly what has been proposed, researched, arranged, booked and delivered or accomplished. The more time you spend in managing all the details of your day, the more grateful you’ll be as the big day draws closer and details change, or don’t go according to plan. You will also have to be rather flexible in some of your requirements as it becomes clear that not everything can be achieved exactly as you wish. But that’s not a disaster — you’ll often find that making changes will make the day even more special and memorable.

Tips for a stress free day

The Ceremony

The perfect ceremony

There are as many perfect ceremonies as there are weddings. Your wedding ceremony should be a reflection of who you are, the couple you aspire to be, the plans you have made together, and the love you share.
You can choose to celebrate your nuptials in traditional ways in a church or chapel, following your family’s precedent, or perhaps you’d rather a simple civil ceremony at a registry office. Relaxed weddings in a beautiful garden or a park, by the sea or in the country, make unforgettable memories for everyone. If you decide not to have a very traditional ceremony, it’s a great pleasure to write your own vows or pledges if you have a creative streak. You can even design your complete ceremony if you have definite ideas on how you wish your day to be celebrated.
Above all, though, it is a time for all your loved ones to witness and enjoy your open declaration of commitment and love, and the start of your long journey through life together. The only thing that matters is — relish the day.

Time to celebrate

It’s most important that your reception lets you, your family and friends acknowledge the huge step you’ve just taken in life, in a location and atmosphere that feels comfortable and relaxed. During your planning stages you will have made sure you organised the perfect location, a delicious menu, the flowers, place settings and all the other details that add up to your perfect day.
With that in mind, it’s worth remembering that bigger is not always better. A smaller scale reception will allow you to mingle with guests more closely, spend more time with each group of friends, and make it feel more intimate. No matter the size or location of your wedding, remember to savour the moment. ☐

Wedding Checklist

## On Your Engagement - Have a serious discussion with your other half about what you BOTH expect and want on the day. You need to agree on most, if not all, aspects of the wedding from the beginning. - Plan a responsible budget that is easily achieved. Heavy debt is not the way to start married life. - Decide roughly how many guests you’d like to invite. This decision will have an impact on other decisions such as choice of venue, menus, etc. - Choose two or three possible wedding dates. - Begin your research into potential ceremony locations and reception venues. - Approach potential bridesmaids and groomsmen and get their commitment. - Consider family members and friends for possible contributions to your day. Perhaps they can make the cake, do the photography or arrange cars. - Celebrate your engagement with an engagement party!

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The Day Before

The Big Day

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