This Laser is the state-of-the-art, painless treatment for vaginal laxity, dryness, prolapse and urinary incontinence for women of all ages.

This treatment targets both post baby and postmenopausal women, particularly women who are unable to take Hormone Replacement therapy and in those where exercise has failed.

The procedure takes only 30-45 minutes and involves 2 treatments in one session. Dr Donna Burgess and RN Maryanne Anderson, a midwife at Norwest Private, have been using this machine on Hills women with fantastic success in the last 4 years.

The Juliet laser has been used in Europe for many years.

Unlike other vaginal lasers available in Australia and RF (radio frequency) machines this is the only TGA approved treatment and has proven results. We are finding that the majority of women have excellent results with improved bladder control and improved vaginal tightness, moisture and libido which also alleviates the pain felt during intercourse. As we age we lose oestrogen, which causes these adverse effects i.e. the loss of eostrogen makes the tissue thin, dry out and beome lax. This laser rejuvenates and thickens the tissue naturally without hormones.

*Appointments are available at our medical clinic:* Sanctuary Cosmetic Clinic 17 Windsor Road, Kellyville NSW 2155 Ring 0452 613 662

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