Each night after I put the kids to sleep, I am almost swallowed by my couch as I spend a good half hour scrolling through my Instagram account, slurping on a little (big) glass of vino. It’s my one moment of peaceful bliss.
Of course, I follow all of the stylish Mummy Insta accounts, from clothing to cupcakes to accessories, and spend the evening “liking” and “commenting” on all of these magically styled scenes … while wearing tracksuit pants covered in grimy toddler banana handprints and an Adidas jumper I’ve had since 1995.
So how do these super mums do it? How do they manage to pull off a seemingly effortless and whimsical photograph, donned in flower crowns, vintage styled threads with immaculately clothed and well behaved children?
Well, it all boils down to the fact they know the right people. They collaborate with folks who know good style and know how to take a really good photograph!

Here are my top picks for Boho Floral Styling gurus in the Hills district!

Flower Crowns – Blushing BLooms - Glenhaven

I tried to make a flower crown myself once and ended up looking like I had escaped from some type of mental care facility. This whimsical floral weaving is definitely best left to the professionals! In the Hills that would be Blushing Blooms in Glenhaven. Sally Thompson’s floral craftsmanship is absolutely superb. Flower Crowns are right on trend for your next girly event or photo shoot.
609 Old Northern Rd, Glenhaven NSW 2156

Get the Right Photographer – Sophie Lea Partaker

This is a BIG one. Your style can be bang on perfection but if you don’t have the right light and the right angles (God forbid, the ANGLES are crucial!) it just isn’t going to work.
Sophie Lea Partaker is definitely the best of the bunch when it comes to stunning photography in the area. With over 11 years’ experience working in Sydney’s leading studios, becoming a mother fuelled Sophie’s drive for flexible work life, so Sophie Lea Photography was born. Her style is natural, fresh and classic.
“My love for capturing the first few days of a newborn is equal to my running in the outdoors with toddler and tweens. It’s a pleasure to do this and I’m thankful for it.”

Fresh Flower + Naked Cake = Trending!

Creating a special occasion “Naked Cake” donned with fresh flowers is right on trend!
Naked cakes are pared down creations that forgo an outer layer of buttercream so that the texture of the cake and the colours inside are put on show, and these cakes come to life when topped with fresh flowers! Your Exquisite Cake are your go-to professionals when looking for cakes like this around the Hills!
Your Exquisite Cakes – Shop 11, 6 Victoria Ave, Castle Hill, NSW, 2153. ❐

Hot Picks for Cool Kids

Looking for the perfect threads for your kids? Check out these Instagram hot picks!
• Hubble & Duke
• Miss Lissy Rose
• The Twisted Knit
• Children of the Tribe