As we approach our most festive time of year, some of the key makeup techniques on trend this season can easily transform your daytime look into a smouldering evening makeup.
There is a strong emphasis on both the eyes and the lips. Lips will be sensual and intense, highlighted by red velvet matte lipstick in shades of red, pink and orange or alternatively, the nude lip is still on trend this season.
There is also a focus on metallic shades to dress up your look. Eyebrows are perfectly redesigned and baby doll lashes are large, defined and long.
One of my favourite striking looks that is presently featured is the ‘Bright Blue Eyes’ makeup as showcased by designers such as Elie Saab. To achieve this fresh look there are a few simple steps to follow.
To begin, prime and illuminate the face, eyes and lips with a hydrating organic primer. Unify the complexion with a smooth, fluid foundation to achieve a youthful result. Select the correct shade by applying a small amount of foundation on your jawline and blending down to the top of your neck. The colour should disappear into your natural complexion colour.
Highlight the top of the cheekbones to the temple, and down the centre of your nose by applying a cream complexion illuminator with soft finger touches or with a brush.
To set all of these cream products and obtain more longevity in your makeup application, it is important to apply a professional micronised loose powder. Lightly dust the powder using a large powder brush, focusing on the t-section (forehead, nose and chin). Then apply a bronzer using soft strokes in the hollow of the cheekbone to create a subtle definition.
Prepare your eyelid by applying a buff coloured eye shadow over the whole almond of the eye. Use a soft turquoise shadow liner pencil to draw a thick line starting from the inner corner of the eye and stretching outward toward the tail of the eyebrows. Intensify this look by applying the liner also on the lower lid water line, sealing with a Soft Eye Shadow in Pearled Turquoise. Apply black mascara from the base to the tip of the lashes using zigzag movements.
Eyebrows are perfectly shaped this season using special brow kits, which include modelling wax, stencils and eye shadows to achieve beautifully defined and shaped brows.
To complete this vibrant look, line and colour the lip using a coral lip pencil over the entire lip to create a pigment base. Apply a matt lipstick in an orange-red base using a lip brush for greater staying power. A nude lip also looks fabulous with this eye colour.
If turquoise is too bold you can also achieve a similar look by substituting the blue liner with a metallic copper or silver shade, and changing the lip to a red-raspberry shade. ☐