When we met 10 years ago, your dark curves, your urge to impress and ride the highways, your head-turning lines were all I could have ever dream of.

In all honesty, these past 10 years have been amongst my happiest and you have been the core in this relationship. You've carried me when others would have left me at the kerb, you have responded to all my demands, you have never complained at the lack of attention.

It's been a great 10+ years.

However, you've become needy this past year (new transmission, tyres, thermostat, etc.), and I've been loathsome to invest further in this relationship.

For this, I'm truly sorry. And, as oft happens to men of my age and wondering eyes, I've found someone else.

And so, with as heavy a heart as I can have, I'm leaving you for someone younger.

I'm truly sorry - Goodbye.

– Martin Drenovac

Goodbye my one and only true love

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