Tixel is a new device which uses direct natural heat to reduce fine lines and scars and assisting anti-aging. It delivers results similar to more expensive fractional lasers. It is not a laser or a radio frequency (RF) device, nor does it use needles.
We think it is a game-changer in the aesthetic world. It is comfortable for the patient with no downtime, is quick, affordable and is suitable for all skin types. We have been waiting for something like this to come along, a machine that delivers the significant reduction in lines and pigmentation that also lifts the eyelids without downtime. After all who can afford downtime these days? We are all too busy to be tucked away inside for weeks while our faces become bearable to look at again.


Skin channels are created by causing water vaporisation without damaging the cellular structure of the skin as seen with RF, laser and skin needling. Then special skin products are applied and are delivered deep into the skin promoting collagen remodelling so we see skin becoming stronger and less thin, losing the lines while tightening and lifting the skin.
By increasing the energy, depending on the length of downtime the patient specifies they want (one to five days) we can create even better results almost comparable to a carbon dioxide laser.
Treatment sessions may be spaced one to two months apart and range from one to four sessions.
Dr Donna Burgess is available for consultation every Thursday and Friday in her new rooms at 17 Windsor Rd, Kellyville. Maryanne Anderson is available Monday, Thursday and Friday. While our focus is cosmetic medicine, we do have a hand-picked team consisting of a psychologist, massage therapist, beauty therapist and eyebrow tattooist covering most needs in a single location. 

Dr Donna Burgess and Maryanne Anderson at Sanctuary Medical Aesthetics Clinic at Kellyville introduce Tixel, a new innovative skin rejuvenation device which also does non-surgical eye lifts with pure natural heat.
This article sponsored by Sanctuary Medical Aesthetics Clinic.

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