We hear the word rejuvenation used often enough these days, when referring to a variety of “beauty treatments” on offer. But what exactly is rejuvenation?
The Oxford Dictionary offers this meaning — to make someone or something look or feel better, younger, or more vital.
While this concept may charm those of us who choose to “rejuvenate” ourselves, there are methods of rejuvenation that continue to cause immediate and lasting harm.
These particular treatments promise all sorts of results; however, often it is not mentioned that they will cause discomfort, pain, swelling, bruising, and therefore healing time, and most importantly, downtime from your normal schedule.
Lasers, dermal fillers, needling, facial threads, chemical peels, chemical micro-dermabrasion and painful injections might indeed produce a temporary result, but to date, have always caused immediate discomfort, redness and damage, and therefore a healing period becomes necessary for the chosen area.
Simply, the body must use its immune system to make the repair to any area that is treated in this manner. We all have different recovery times, depending on the “fitness” of our immune system whatever our age.
If we choose intense and often very hot techniques or treatments to produce a firm, smooth, fuller look to our skin, over time a thinning process can take place, leaving our faces feeling flat, lifeless and dull. They certainly do not make us look or feel wonderful at the time either, if we require any recovery period.
If we choose pain or discomfort to achieve rejuvenation, it should be an informed choice, irrespective of whether a doctor or a trained nurse carries out any of these painful procedures.
Speaking from personal experience as I head towards the age of 60, I have had several painful procedures after which I discovered that I achieved just the opposite for my skin. I have since reframed the way I think and feel about looking after myself, my skin and the anti-aging process, and my approach to rejuvenation.
The reality is there are other treatments available that will not cause any harm, discomfort or pain and require no recovery period — treatments that really do make you feel rejuvenated and wonderful, are just as effective, and encourage the body to produce its own natural elements like collagen.
Collagen is a major part of our body’s connective tissue. Skin aging (thinning of the skin) along with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots, occurs when collagen begins to break down. This process is a natural part of aging, which usually begins by our late 20s.
The good news is that we can produce our own natural, bouncy, resilient collagen just by sending the correct signal to a fibroblast. What is a fibroblast? It is a connective tissue cell responsible for producing the collagen protein within the extracellular matrix that helps, along with other things to make up the framework.
If the correct signal is delivered via warm treatments, it allows our skin to interact and respond naturally. Our skin will always react eagerly to any non-chemical or non-harmful treatment. It can make much more sense as warm blooded humans to choose skin treatments that place no stress on our skin, and therefore our immune systems, and leave us feeling wonderful as well as looking our very best at any age.
Natural rejuvenation is not a new concept or the latest trend. The availability of machines that produce a wonderful and gradual result, and have a lasting influence on the way our skin looks and feels, may just be the way of the future. Is this a softer approach? Could be; however, your skin will work very hard for you to deliver a great result when given the appropriate signals.
Having a selection of specialised treatments for the face that can deeply clean skin, resurface, polish, lift, smooth and drain away excess fluid, leaving a feeling of lightness, exhilaration and pure vitality can be a real option — no chemicals, pain or recovery time. They offer immediate results that have been described by some clients as unbelievable.


So how do we rejuvenate naturally?

The following treatments will deliver a variety of delightful and pleasing results that can transform the way your face and body feel.
For instance, a non-surgical facelift that puts the face through a premium workout twice a week for five to six weeks is one sure way to achieve a wonderful new you. Along with a convenient maintenance program, this facelift is superior.
If your face has started to sag a little, feel flat, bloated or look dull and heavy, then perhaps a lifted, tightened, shaped, smoother and lighter face is a wonderful option to consider. There is absolutely no pain — only a great result!
A natural micro-dermabrasion, which produces a new look and feel to your face in five weekly treatments;
lymphatic drainage, delivered via a patented method that will move unwanted fluid and bloating, heaviness and sagging from the face and body, revealing lighter, smoother and firmer skin; a rapid glide machine that will tighten, firm and smooth the face whilst turbocharging your collagen production, evening out the skin tone and removing pigmentation.
If your goal is to turn back the clock a little and be your very best whatever your age, don’t put yourself through painful procedures when you can choose treatments that will gradually achieve outstanding results and leave you feeling naturally rejuvenated.