How many of us have a really good memory, and have had so for many years? Slowly, over a period of time, you notice things that were not a problem before. Your thinking is getting unclear, having a bit of brain fog, or you find it hard to concentrate. You can’t think of the person’s name you met in the shops, yet it was never a problem before. You may notice that you start having difficulty with directions, and you try to ignore it, hoping it will go away.
But that is the worst thing you can do. By doing nothing your memory will get worse. It could be that you were always good at your job, but it seems that you are starting to forget a few things. If this sounds like you, then know that you are not alone.
What can you do about your memory if this sounds like you, a friend or family member?
Firstly, and most importantly, accept that this is happening. Do not ignore your memory problems any longer. The sooner you accept this fact the sooner you can do something about it.
Secondly, know that there always has to be a reason or a cause for your memory problems. They do not happen on their own and they do not happen overnight. There are many causes of memory problems and some of these particular causes are able to be treated, resulting in improvements in your memory.
Do not jump to the conclusion that you might be getting Alzheimer’s disease, because you may be totally wrong. In order to avoid the risk of getting dementia, you must be proactive and find the cause of your memory problems.
There are many causes — for example, stress, dehydration, chronic pain, sleep apnoea, diabetes, medications, thyroid, ingredients in packaged foods, heavy metals, and more.
These are just a few causes of memory problems. So you can see that there may well be a very good reason for why your memory is not as sharp as it used to be.
All the health issues we focused on when we were younger belonged to our physical body. But it is all attached — your brain is part of your body, and it is time to start taking care of your brain health.
There appears to be very little information about the good things you can do to improve your memory and brain health, and I believe that we must really put our brain health first because it is equally important, if not more important, than our body.
In order to live to our potential we need to take responsibility for our own health — in both mind and body.