I opened my spare wardrobe the other day, poked around almost coughing from the dust that had gathered in there over the past year … and then I saw them.

My gorgeous, pink, fluffy Ugg boots that I’ve had since 2002. My friends think they have a funny smell about them, but I just adore them.

Placing them on my feet, I am suddenly flooded with every possible winter association you could have – that “burny” feet feeling hopping into a steamy hot shower when you have really cold feet. The deep sadness you feel as your kids suddenly pull off your doona at 5:30am. The smell of gas from the gas heater and wondering if you are about to burn the house down. Oh, and you can’t forget the profound ability of your child to produce boogers. So many boogers.

But there’s a stack of good stuff about winter too, particularly if you live in the Hills. I’ve picked some of the best things to do, and best places to visit during the winter months if you have kids in tow.

##The ultimate (frost free) kids’ venue Parks and beaches are a big thumbs down when there is frost on your lawn, so picking a play area that’s inside, where you can sit back with a coffee in hand as the kids burn some energy, is ideal.

And there’s currently no hotter venue (and I say that not only because it’s indoors, but because it’s literally one of the most popular kids’ play areas in the Hills right now) than Ultimate Sydney at Northmead.

Ultimate Sydney is 2,500m2 of indoor fun catering to all ages. They have 750m2 of trampolines, a massive foam pit with a climbing wall, and Australia’s largest play centre catering separately for 0-5 years and 5-12 years.

There are also party rooms for those all-important birthdays and events, a café and a chill-out zone for the grown-ups. Located at 5/1B Redbank Rd, Northmead (right next to Masters) ... just off Briens Rd.

##New kid friendly facilities at Castle Hill RSL When you are soup and slow cooker-ed out, it’s nice to get out for a big warm pub meal, and with the new kid friendly facilities at the Castle Hill RSL, you’ll be able to have your schnitty while the kids happily play.

The club is expanding the courtyard and installing a giant weatherproof children’s playground and a well appointed parent’s room.

The new development will also see the club cover part of the existing courtyard, increase seat capacity by 100 and provide the ability to heat and waterproof a large portion of the area, making it the perfect winter family friendly destination.

End your day with red wine and/or dark chocolate — available at all Hills district homes. No explanation required other than it’s ideally done after the kids go to bed. You’ll need a large blanket, a fire, Netflix, and you should probably be wearing old, smelly pink Ugg boots. (Don’t forget the bottle of red and the chocolate!) ❐