While the Hills has a reputation as a place for young couples and families to grow, just as significant a segment of the population, but perhaps less conspicuous, is the senior community.
As they reach the end of their working lives and think about retirement, many have no intention of moving out of the Hills, and are looking for a lifestyle that rewards their decades of hard work — both professionally and personally as their children have moved out and started their own families.
For many Baby Boomers, the idea of a typical retirement home is anathema. Not for nothing did they work hard to achieve a standard of living to which they have become very accustomed indeed, and their retirement isn’t going to change that.

Enter Cranbrook Care. The company was founded in 2000 by Steve Bauer, when he and his partners forged a business model that takes aged and senior living to a new level. They began on the Central Coast with William Cape Gardens, which was followed by Lansdowne Gardens and Lansdowne Gardens on Wycombe in Neutral Bay, and more recently by Bayswater Gardens in Abbotsford.
The company has also commenced building a new development in Kellyville called Cranbrook Residences. Opening next year, it will offer true luxury living in spacious apartments next to Castle Hill Country Club, and will be a striking alternative to other facilities for retirees wishing to stay in the area after living here most of their lives or wanting to move here to be near family with their own young families.

Kerry Mann, chief executive officer of Cranbrook Care, is clearly delighted with the progress of Cranbrook Residences as we stand on the balcony of the display apartment overlooking the golf course next door. Building work continues apace on the site, and is on track and on budget, according to Kerry. Cranbrook Residences is attracting the interest of retirees through its judicious use of bespoke architectural design, luxury interior fittings and thoughtful community engagement for those who will live there. That, said Kerry, is driven by the company’s primary motivator — service.
“When ensuring that expectations of care and service are being met there are a lot of additional services you could provide,” she said. “We include events like Pets on the Lawn, when family members can bring their pets when they visit, Jazz on the Green, Grandkids’ day, music festivals and many more activities that make daily life so much more engaging and interesting for our residents.” The apartments in Cranbrook Residences are designed to appeal to retirees “with expectations”, said Kerry. “People who have done well in life, who want something that is luxurious but warm and welcoming as well, and somewhere their families can enjoy too, are finding what they’re looking for here. The age groups are mostly in their early sixties to late eighties. There are 50 apartments ranging in size from about 100m2 to 180m2 in one-, two- or three-bedroom configurations. And we have included other facilities like the café, gym, wellness centre, cinema, landscaped gardens and much more,” she explained. As proof of their popularity, 27 apartments have already been sold. Three buildings in stage one will be completed in April 2017, and two more buildings in stage two will be finished in September next year. Cranbrook Care caters for those in transition to retirement right through to seniors who require constant care and attention. “We’re a provider who says that nothing is too hard. If people are looking for someone to take care of cleaning or shopping, or someone to take them to the opera — whatever they want to enrich their lives, we can provide the service. It’s about collegiality and working together to find what people want. We’re not a large provider so we’re very nimble in responding to requirements. “We can also provide 24-hour care at our neighbouring Bella Vista Gardens aged care residence if they require it. We’re also a private home care provider. Our Home Care service is tailored to suit individual needs — we don’t believe you can provide exemplary care and service in a packaged environment.”
##The retirement boom “While there is retirement accommodation available in the area, there is very little available at the high end for those who are looking for somewhere that offers genuine lifestyle choices,” said Kerry Mann of the options available in the Hills area. The retirement expectations of Baby Boomers are higher than previous generations, she added, which has placed the onus on the retirement sector to develop new models for catering to the next wave of retirees. “They expect that what you say you will deliver is delivered. Not only will they expect it, they will make sure it happens! But in fairness, so often that doesn’t happen,” said Kerry. “A lot of people like the idea of the ‘one-stop shop’ in retirement. So at Cranbrook Residences, like our other facilities, we have a wellness centre, a gymnasium, a hairdressing salon, doctor’s consulting room and physiotherapists on site, all within the comfort of your own home. “We’ll also have entertainment nights at the Country Club, wine nights, and other social activities like book clubs or travel clubs which we are certain will become popular as people move in and develop new friendships.” Baby Boomers are now driving a boom in retirement options. In response, the co-location of retirement living and aged care is definitely a focus for Cranbrook Care. “We see it as a lovely transition for people, and for people coming into retirement to have the security of aged care if they require it. People talk about retirement living a lot more than they used to. These days people tend to downsize from their family home, and then do it again as they get older. People don’t stay in their homes like they used to. ❐

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