Step 1

To begin, hydrate, protect and prepare your skin by applying a primer (pre makeup base) all over your face. Using your fingers, start at the centre of your face, on your nose, working outwards.

Step 2

Apply your foundation, by starting in the centre of the face also working outwards. Blend towards your ears, into the jawline and half way down your neck and evenly into the hairline. You can use a foundation brush, sponge or your fingertips to ensure a smooth finish.

Step 3

Apply an illuminating, creamy concealer under the eyes and on the eyelids, half a shade lighter than your foundation colour. You can also use this concealer where other corrections may need to be made (either side of the nose, contour of the lip, any imperfections). You can also use a concealer pencil for more precision.

Step 4

Apply a cream highlighter with soft touches on top of the cheekbones, around to the temples. Apply it under the arch of the brow, a thin line down the length of the nose and you can also apply it on top of your Cupids bow (above the centre of the top lip). The light reflected by these products will accentuate and bring forward those features you have highlighted.
Apply a soft cream blush in either pale pink or light tan on the apple of cheekbone blending out under the temples. This will bring warmth to your face and a glow.
Set your base with a micronised loose professional powder (avoid the cream highlighted areas if you refer a dewy look)

Step 5

Contouring - Apply a dark cream concealer (darker than your foundation), or a darker foundation or you may choose a dark powder found in a contouring powder palette. Whichever product type is your preference apply along the top of the hairline, chisel underneath the cheekbone to the middle of the ear, blending it upwards to emphasise the cheekbone. Finally sweep along the jawbone, blending down to the top of the neck to create a shadow and elongate the neck.

Step 6

Re-Highlight - Using the light powder in your contouring powder palette, apply with a contouring brush on the centre of the forehead, across the cheekbones (this can be over the cream highlighter), down the nose line, on the Cupids Bow, on the centre of the chin. The result is a soft, natural accentuation of your gorgeous features, which is timeless, subtle and sophisticated. ☐

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