To really change how you look, feel and move, you need to be free from the cycle of the seasons. You need healthy habits for life.
Spring is traditionally a time for new beginnings and personal revision in general, whether that’s for health, relationships or considering new jobs. Why is this? Why aren’t people getting active and taking charge of their health throughout the year? Why do people put it off until this time?
We’re all seasonal with our health to some degree, because we are all subject to societal events and the weather patterns associated with the four seasons.
Summer sees a flurry of social activity — with Christmas, holidays and with the New Year there are lots of social events to keep you away from taking care of yourself.
Autumn tends to slow things down, bringing a period of rest and recuperation. Winter encourages laziness and comfort habits with the cold, and Spring then seems to thaw us out, sparking the motivation to get active.
Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but it likely applies to you, because you’re a part of these seasons of society and feel the weather like everyone else does.

Spring into action

Are you poised to get active now? Are you feeling more energised and warmed up? Then it’s time to use your motivation and spring into action right now! Why wait for the cycle to happen again? If you’re in any way motivated, just get started and don’t even think about it.

Be a turtle

The turtle and the hare is a great story. It reflects two main attitudes for getting active and healthy.
Some people go-go-go like the hare and usually fall short of the line, get impatient and quit as the seasons change. Others go steadily and usually make it beyond the line, stay motivated and have a better experience year round and for the rest of their life.
Be the turtle who never quits if you want strong habits that won’t let you down.

Build up your activity

Start those habits small, but going beyond the turtle pace you can steadily build them up over this season. That way you’ll have some strong habits ready for next year.
Ever meet a really fit and healthy person? They don’t seem to have any troubles with their lifestyle or health — it’s because they steadily apply reasonable healthy habits all year round. The seasons don’t rock them around that much, and nor should they.
Once you build the right habits you need, you will be free from the cycle of seasons.
It takes time, so get started now to look, feel and move better than ever. ❐

Rob Smith is a Master Level 1 Personal Trainer and holds a BPsych (Honours). He operates Outdoor Fitness at Heritage Park, Castle Hill, and operates a personal training studio in Glenhaven. Contact Rob at or phone
0401 277 546.