During my styling sessions with various corporations I am often asked to explain the difference between fashion and style. My usual explanation is that the goal of style is to look your best, not just follow a fashion and hope for the best.
On the other hand, totally ignoring fashion trends can result in being left in a time warp. Fashion is therefore meant to be worked with and tweaked, to ensure that you feel comfortable within the confines of your personal sense of style.
That being said, let’s look at what is happening in fashion this autumn, along with some suggestions of pitfalls to be avoided.
There is going to be a welcome relief to the tight profile of the previous few seasons. We are going to see a going-back-to-basics in shape. Gone are the outdated skinny leg trousers, to be replaced with a more generous trouser cut teamed with European cut jackets. There is a return to vintage shoulder pads, along with trench coats and tweed blazers.
The use of trench coats and more generous cuts can look great on a guy who is reasonably tall with a well developed torso. Guys who are overweight or short should be mindful that a cut that is too generous can add heft to their silhouette, so should adapt the fashion to a more pared down profile.
Similarly, very lean men can appear swamped by large shoulder pads and too-long trench coats.
With the unpredictability of autumn weather layering is always a great option, and this year it would seem it has the added advantage of being on trend. The European fashion shows were suffused with scarves, cravats, sleeveless sweaters, vests, beanies and knitted ties. As the weather cools, these pieces can continue to be used into winter merely by adding another layer.
What we have not seen for some decades is the use of fur and fur trim. This year is seeing a revival of fur either in excellent imitation fur or pony hair, which is not actually made of pony hide but specially treated cow and goat hide treated to look like pony hair.
Moccasins made of suede, deer and pony, are going to be a popular choice. The colour choices seem to be red and various shades of blue. Although the moccasin is traditionally worn without socks and primarily worn during the day, this year will see the moccasin worn casually during the evening, but still sans socks.
Backpacks this season will be replaced with small, neat duffle bags with extra long handles meant to be worn over the shoulder.
The main colours this season will be port, caramel, orange and blue. The vibrancy of new autumn colours is a welcome change from the sombre colours of the last few seasons, but once again care should be taken in putting them together. To avoid looking too loud or extreme a good rule of thumb is to wear only two accent colours combined with a main neutral colour.
Larger men should make good use of blocks of colour and avoid small fussy prints.

Style Tip
Choose more relaxed trouser cuts and team them with a well designed jacket for comfort and effortless style.

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