Nothing says individuality like a personally designed piece of jewellery just for you.
Hills locals are fortunate to have a master jeweller who can accommodate every taste and style. With 48 years in the industry, Robert Cliff is an expert in creating jewellery to reflect your personality.
“Jewellery is such a personal, sensory experience,” he explained. “It holds memories and becomes your heirlooms. Many people have ideas in mind, and we work with those ideas in store. I offer advice and draw the design in front of you, providing you with my expertise.”
Master craftsman Robert Cliff opened and operated a jewellery store in Parramatta for 17 years before moving to Castle Hill, where his business has blossomed for the past 16 years. With his wife, Sue, and adult twin sons, James and Daniel, the Castle Towers family business takes time to provide individual attention.
They offer a unique experience with every piece, carefully selecting individual stones and crafting every piece in store.
“Every halo we make is a one-off. Even if the design is the same, it rarely turns out exactly the same,” explained Robert. “We’re trusted jewellers with a strong reputation in the community,” he added, and acknowledges that trust by creating exquisite work loved by his clients.

Gems for the season
Robert Cliff Master Jewellers recommends three stones for Spring, set in expertly crafted, individual designs. Robert suggests design ideas that show grace, romance and glamour to match the season.
Vibrancy is in vogue this spring, he said. “The more intense the colour, the better the quality. We can then place diamonds around the coloured stone, to further enhance and intensify its colour."

Introducing Morganite
A very popular stone for Spring is the delicate Morganite — the Pink Beryl. A softer gem, morganite makes for an elegant dress piece in a stunning yet dreamy rose gold setting. Try on a morganite piece and you won’t want to take it off.
Named after banker and collector, JP Morgan, Morganite is cousin to the emerald and aquamarine, and is found in Brazil, Madagascar and elsewhere. It is a rare semi-precious stone of pure delight.
Morganite is the colour of romance, enchantment, fairytales, love and promise, said Robert, making it perfect for Spring. It ranges from pink, apricot and rose to peach and salmon colours with rare inclusions.

Also popular are the vibrant blues and violet of Tanzanite, from the mineral zoisite. Discovered in 1967 in northern Tanzania, Tanzanite ranges in colour from ultramarine to sapphire blue. This sublime stone is also soft, with a brilliant sparkle for special occasions.

Trending this season is the effulgent aquamarine. "Aqua marinus" is Latin for "water of the sea", referring to the sparkling ocean-like colour. A blue Beryl stone, aquamarine is light and bright, showing qualities of freshness. It is a calming, relaxing stone, ranging from a pale blue sea colour to the arctic blue seen in the lakes of New Zealand.

The latest jewellery designs
The halo design is the latest trend in engagement rings, says Robert, and a hard coloured gemstone makes a stunning alternative to a diamond. Robert suggests the timeless Ceylon Sapphire — not only is it majestically beautiful, it is favoured by royals. Considered the “heart of the ocean”, the Ceylon Sapphire makes an ideal symbol for eternal love, as this mesmerising stone is durable enough to be worn every day.