“Holifest” is a simple process derived from the words holistic, meaning “the whole self” and manifest, meaning “create into being”.
Work and life coach Noni Boon says it is a dynamic new tool that you can easily access and develop in yourself to create what you want to happen in your life rather than settling for the fate that bestows itself upon you. If you aren't truly fulfilled in your life, the formula for change exists in a small book she has written, called Holifest.
Inspired by a Socrates quote — “The mind is everything; what you think you become”, Noni went searching for answers and ended up designing a discipline readers can prescribe to in order to manifest a life of “pure joy and wellbeing”. Based in a knowledge of psychology and consciousness, the concepts Noni espouses in Holifest are easy to grasp, and she claims change is immediate, promising a more creative, courageous, confident and successful you.
Holifest teaches readers to enhance, or “ripen”, a list of 21 specially selected virtues that they already possess as human traits to develop their charisma and attraction force. Next, they foster a greater understanding of themselves as a three-dimensional being — mind, body and soul. The mind is the greatest tool for evolving imagination and expanding the ability to establish positive thinking.
Since the beginning of time, being “aware” and avoiding danger has been a critical survival skill; however, worrying has become the brain's default position. According to the “Law of Attraction” theory, “like attracts like”, so negative thoughts rule our minds and make us a target for the things we don't want while missing out on the very things we most want and desire.
The ability to control our thoughts comes from progressing into consciousness as opposed to “auto-pilot”' living. While we can't stop the thoughts that enter our minds, we can choose which ones to engage with to become our next manifested reality. We become the “observer” of our thoughts and start to notice them from our higher selves.
By choosing our best thoughts we then become a supreme version of ourselves, and so much more than the structures of our psyche, and held back only by a lack of knowing how to embrace the power to holistically manifest our best life yet.

Holifest can be purchased through all online bookstores including Amazon, Fishpond, and Barnes&Noble. Noni Boon is available for one-on-one coaching sessions, corporate coaching, and speaking events. Visit bidesignco.com

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