There is no doubt that summer is Australians’ most active season. This is the time of year when we all come alive to find any excuse to have a celebratory social gathering around barbecues, pools and beaches.
What ultimately occurs at these social gatherings through summer is an abundance of eating and drinking of all the fresh produce, boutique beers and award winning wines Australia has also become known for. The words summer, social, food and alcohol make for a cocktail that is sure to conjure more than one cringeworthy image of an occasion we’d rather forget.
Thankfully, the details of these embarrassing events are often forgotten over time and they just become well loved stories amongst old friends. But now, in a digital age, when every party attendee has a camera and video in their sweaty palm, we can be visually reminded (at a more sobering time) just how bad the memory really was.
But in all honesty, it’s not usually our friends we have to avoid, it’s ourselves. The popularity of the “social selfie” has become our sobering enemy, especially when we grow through the night (in true Australian style) with “cocktail confidence”.
So this summer, before you head out to your next social gathering with your mobile on your hip, take heed of these three social selfie tips to keep you from having any morning regrets.

Rule 1: don’t reapply your makeup before a selfie IF you’ve already consumed well above your usual limit of “normalness”. We all think we look hot until we see the make-up clown staring back at us the next day with 50 likes and comments that are not at all about how amazing you look.

Rule 2: plan ahead by changing your posting settings so you only share with close friends. Alternatively, create a custom “party friends” list that you go through the next day and decide what pics you want your wider list of friends or public to see. This is a really good rule if you are connected to work colleagues who will judge you for taking selfies with beer goggles when the next promotion approaches.

Rule 3: set your phone to airplane mode before you go out so it can’t connect to wi-fi. You can take as many selfies as you like but you will have to wait until the next day to share any of them. (Yes, I know you can change the setting back but you will be surprised how this acts as a reminder not to.)

With these three rules you should confidently get through summer without regrets. But if you still don’t trust yourself, let your most trusted sober friend confiscate your phone all night instead. ☐