Branding creates two actions:
Customer awareness;
Separation from competitors.

A lot of businesses invest in their visual appearance and call it ‘branding’ and although a polished website, business card and flyer is a major factor in how professionally reliable your business is portrayed by your target consumer, this branding element alone will not develop business growth.

Your ideal buyer will choose your product or service based on trust. So ask yourself:
Do you ‘speak’ your buyer’s language so that it resonates with them?;
Are case studies, tips and insights relatable to your buyer?;
What associations or sponsorships are you an authority in the buyer’s eyes?
“The growth of your business is not how you perceive your brand — but how your consumer does.”

Lee Ussher is co-founder of Buzz Web Media. She is referenced in the media for her thoughts on brand leadership, digital trends and future customer experiences. Lee’s innovative brand marketing strategies have been showcased alongside Telstra, Optus, St George and NAB at national conferences and forums. Details: (02) 8091 8098

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