B2Bs are often started on a tiny budget. If business doesn’t take off quickly, marketing becomes a challenge due to a limited budget. But there are some activities that can give a lot back if you’re willing to put in time instead of money. Here are two.

LinkedIn updates

Do you see the same names over and over in your LinkedIn home page feed? Person A likes this, Person A commented on this and shared that. It’s no accident, and no, they’re not doing it because they have little else to do. The LinkedIn feed refreshes quickly, and those people you see popping up repeatedly are increasing their chance of being noticed.
How to do it: Spend a couple of hours of your week finding top quality in-depth articles that your prospective clients might find relevant or helpful. Bookmark sites that publish a lot of great content so you can check regularly.
Save your article links, write an update for each one, and share them at intervals throughout the week. Take some time each week (each day if you can) to read content being shared in your network. Make some comments and like some updates. Each time you do that you’re increasing your visibility.

Repurposing content

Would it help you to have a downloadable eBook on your website? Businesses often use downloadable eBooks to capture relevant leads for their database, so they can stay in touch and nurture those leads.
How to do it: Creating an eBook isn’t as daunting as it might sound. Choose a theme for your eBook, and make a list of topics you’d like to cover. Each of these will be a chapter.
Next, write an article for your blog on each topic on your list. Publish as you go.
When they’re all done, put them all together with an introduction, contents page, closing and call-to-action, and your eBook is ready for the designer. Or do it vice versa — write the eBook, then use the content of each chapter to create a blog post.
You may need to make minor adjustments to suit each format, but you’ll have several blog posts and an eBook, for little more effort than it takes to do just one of those activities.
When your budget is limited, it’s all about making your investment count, even when that investment is your time. ❐

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