If you’re clear what success means for you, planning is straightforward. If you’re not yet clear about the success you really want, read this before goal-setting.
When we’re not clear about what we really want, we lose our ability to make empowering choices. This leads to feeling stuck, lost or nagged by ideas like you should be doing better or you’re wasting time. Unspiring and self-limiting.
Planning from self-limitation is hard and you will suffer unnecessarily.
Using the ‘stuckness’ to explore more deeply, rather than trying to ‘fix’ yourself, helps you get clear about what you really want. That’s inspiring.
When you’re ready to say “I can, I want to and I will!” and mean it — even if you don't yet know how — you’re ready to plan.
Here are steps to create an inspiring success plan that lasts.

• Write, draw or ‘collage’ the success that you’re working towards;
• Brainstorm ALL factors that will need to be true, for this success to happen.

• Organise them as either steps/stages, dependencies or relationships;
• Apply timeframes if you can and highlight the decisions to be made or questions to be answered. Commit to the actions and requests needed to complete this.

• Looking at your projects and vision overall, asking yourself “What is the
one thing that, once done, makes everything else easier or unnecessary?” (see Keller & Papasan’s The One Thing);
• Make this your priority for the year, applying the same process by quarter/month;
• Update weekly and daily.

• Check your priorities feel aligned with why you want this success;
• Notice and resolve anything that becomes unsupportive;
• Engage with people who will champion your plan and want the best for you.

Success grows:
• It’s empowering and exciting to see your plan evolving over time, as you keep choosing aligned action;
• Add, remove items and embellish your plan. You grow together.

• Create space every day to be silent and receptive
Keep your body healthy and moving;
Share and celebrate all accomplishments.

Sue Tsigaros is director of Iris Group and is an experienced and generous leadership mentor for business owners, executives and those who aspire to these roles.

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