Like emoji’s and random text abbreviations such as IDK (which FYI is ‘I don’t know’), they are an evolution of the daily written word because they actually serve a communication purpose.

Being “hung up” means overly concerned, and having a “hangover” means you overindulged in ‘one too many’. These words could describe our nature of using hashtags. Which are you?

If you’re ‘hung up’ then you’re probably concerned which words to hashtag. If you’re ‘over indulging’ and spraying dozens like blue confetti then you’re bound to get a hangover when all that time was spent for nought result. So the following advice is aimed to help loosen up or sober up your use of hashtags.

The obvious reason hashtags were introduced was to improve our way of finding more content on a topic by making keywords ‘clickable’. In other words it’s because we’ve become too lazy to type the keyword (and can’t be trusted to spell now that we use abbreviations!) On a side note, they are also an exceptionally handy way to find ‘that one post’ again. Yep, we’ve all been there...

Why Would a Business Use Hashtags?

  1. Reinforce what you do Highlighting services and phrases with a hashtag, markets a consistent topic you want people to know you for. It also creates a sure way to be found by people who are searching the services you offer.
  1. Support your brand identity Hashtagging your product and service brands makes it easier for customers to find content about them, such as, #AppleMac or #iPhone8.
  2. Expand your network Using hashtags at conferences or business events will expose your brand to a relevant audience beyond what’s physically possible to meet. Also, scrolling through the hashtag thread will save time identifying who to prioritise meeting at the event.

How many hashtags is enough?

Each social site is different, Instagram’s limit is 30 and some prefer to add them as a comment, not in the post. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn restrict posts by characters not hashtags, so use what keeps your post impactful. Research by social media management tools, like Sprout Social, say using more than two on these sites, reduces post reach. Which can then reduce engagement.

Ultimately, use hashtags and quantities that support your messages and resonate with your brand’s identity. Now, with more understanding of which hashtags to use, you should no longer be hung up over which to use, and with more knowledge about how many to use, you can avoid the hangover. Now use the time gained to socially network!

Lee Ussher is Co-Founder of Buzz Web Media. She is referenced in the media for her thoughts on brand leadership, digital trends and future customer experiences. Lee’s Innovative brand marketing strategies have been showcased alongside Telstra, Optus, St George, and NAB at conferences and forums.
Contact: (02) 9057 9057

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