Blog writing is a strategy that often comes to mind when a business needs to generate leads online, but it’s not the best strategy for every business. Here’s a look at four other formats that can get results given the right context.

EBooks — EBooks often work best in circumstances where prospective clients tend to seek information to address a challenge, and where the answers may lead to a purchasing decision. That’s why you will see accounting software companies, accountants and business coaches publishing eBooks on topics related to cash flow, business growth and financial management.
The trick is to choose topics your prospective clients need help with, and to be generous in sharing your knowledge. When readers gain value by reading your content, then you’re demonstrating expertise, gaining their trust and paving the way for more positive engagement.

Videos — Videos are perfect for sharing how-to information. If you sell make-up or craft supplies, for example, then building an audience around excellent how-to videos could do you a world of good.
Don’t write video off if “how-tos” don’t suit your business. Video is a fabulous way to tell stories and to educate. A pet rescue charity might create “before and after” videos to build an audience of pet lovers. An event organiser could produce behind-the-scenes footage, or event highlights.
Templates — Can you save prospective clients’ time or irritation with a template that systemises the way they do something? Create a downloadable template that’s useful for the people you want to connect with, and you could have a single winning piece of content that will generate leads for a year or more.

Images — Whether you’re a restaurant owner, florist, interior designer or artist, publishing images might be a great way to build an audience online. Images tell a story in an instant — even if it’s a simple one like “before and after” or “happy customer”. Like videos, popular images can be liked and shared many times over on social media, increasing your reach with minimum effort. Relevance to your business is crucial of course — you want to attract the right audience, not any audience. Your goal should be to build an audience packed with potential clients. Content publishing is the method. Work out which content formats and publishing platforms will help you build the right audience faster.