There are 5 facts that I use and share with growing businesses as they progress through the ups and downs of business ownership:

Fun & Friendship

Enjoy what you do, but you need to remember that business is business, that you can be friendly with the people you employ but not friends. The fact is you might have to performance manage or let them go one day. We must be realistic with our expectations of people who work in our business and with our business or the hurt that comes from disappointment when people are selfish will overwhelm you.


A key trick I use is to tell myself, “It is what it is; now what am I going to do about it?” Accepting when things don’t work out as planned, means allowing yourself time to grieve it a little, then pause and take a breath … agree that this must be part of the plan (even if it doesn’t seem like it), then consider clearly the options you have, before you take action.


Learn to embrace it as a positive thing that’s growing you into a better stronger person and become comfortable being uncomfortable. Recognise the stress signs that are telling you it’s time to change the settings and routines of your life to prepare for a new way of doing things.


Get better at using all 24 hours and 7 days a week you have. Make sure that the things you do are based on quality not quantity, and be purposeful in the use of your time through better organisation and setting priorities. Give yourself a break – growing a business is a marathon not a sprint.


As a business owner you need to have equal parts of arrogance and humility, enough belief in your abilities and your ideas to get yourself moving, and enough humility to ask for help and be willing to adapt and let go of things that hold you back.

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