Justin Herald can talk on almost any topic to do with running a successful business. His passion is helping business owners both small and large, local and global with improving key skill sets to boost their overall performance within their chosen industry.
Justin speaks at conferences frequently, covering everything from business motivation to customer service and culture. “I really work with the business to ensure their audience gets information that is relevant to what they need to learn. For me humour is very important when speaking at a conference, so there is a lot of laughing when I speak,” said Justin.
Justin launched his first business, Attitude Inc. which led to opportunities for the entrepreneur to come into businesses and train their staff in areas such as customer engagement. It was through this experience that Justin realised staff training isn’t always a priority for business owners when they’re busy among the day-to-day hustle of running their business.
From here, Justin launched his Customer Culture business, and developed an online platform for staff training and development, that meant businesses could still access his expertise without him having to step foot in the office.
“I guess the main theory behind the Customers First Online Program was to simplify what customers and clients are wanting. Originally the model was me doing face to face training with staff – which I still do, but then I created the Online Training Program, which allows staff to complete the training without me being there. That was a game changer as now the business has global success.”
Justin has published eight books with another two on the way, and he has also gone into unchartered territory and taken his business model to a much younger audience – kids!
“I have just launched www.thejuniorentrepreneur.com which is an online course kids can do to learn how to take their idea and turn it into a business. This has been accepted really well as it helps parents to assist their kids with becoming young entrepreneurs,” said Justin.

Justin’s top tips:

1 Enjoy the journey
2 Surround yourself with like-minded people
3 Never be afraid to use my favourite four letter word… NEXT! When something isn’t working any more, move on quickly
4 If you don’t look after your customer someone else will
5 Back yourself. No one will believe in your business if you don’t