There is an inner strength and luminosity about Sue Tsigaros that is compelling.
Founder of Iris Group, she has spent 17 years working with high level executives and teams as a strategic partner, designing and delivering culture and leadership development programs. Her mission is “inspiring leaders to manifest meaningful change”.
Sue’s background is a fascinating journey, from graduating with Honours in Psychology in the late ’70s, then teaching, to living in a commune for four years, climbing the corporate ladder in the ’80s and ’90s, travel, study, and then setting up her own successful business in the Hills in 2002.
“Even as a child I was very philosophical, always looking for the meaning of life and why people do the things they do,” she said. “I felt very spiritual at a very young age.”
Visiting an Adelaide meditation centre in her 20s she found a place where people laughed, danced, listened to their guru, meditated and ate “amazing” food.
“It was about waking up to yourself, dropping your ego and celebrating life.” She spent a total of four years in the Rajneesh commune.
In 1984 she took a bus with a one-way ticket and a suitcase and headed to Sydney. When it was time to let go and get a job outside the commune, she secured a sales role at the Remington office in North Ryde, which led to a 17-year corporate career, leading into the growing world of technology and channel sales at Autodesk Inc.
During that time her fiancé (and now her husband) became very sick with cancer and she started caring for him while working full-time and studying naturopathy.
Sue later had her own health issues, including three major surgeries, while continuing as the main breadwinner and later as a business owner.
In 2001 she returned to study, gaining a Masters degree in Coaching Psychology at Sydney University. Iris Group was born during this time.
Sue works with leaders in both government and small business.
“I love my work,” she said. “When I’m working with a client I just love that moment of truth when they let go and experience their own inner power. Then they realise that they are free to choose.
“Real transformation can only happen as a result of awareness, deep insight and inspired action, along with real accountability,” she said.
Sue’s advice to business owners is,
“Look after your primary asset, which is you. Making comparisons will make you miserable. You will learn from making mistakes and embracing what you don’t understand.
“It’s about bringing light into dark places, seeing what you need to see, and healing can happen,” she said.
“Leadership is an inside job.”

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