The holidays have kicked in, you’re relaxing by the pool and you start thinking “What if this great idea I’ve got for a service or product could make us millions?”
You dream a little and then the comfort of the monthly pay check and the complexities of how to get it off the ground with no time and no resources crowds in.
So, you go back to your holiday snooze and park the idea for another day.
But the potential of the idea lingers after the holiday is over and you’re back to the grind of school drop-offs and peak hour traffic.


While not everyone is capable of being a successful business owner, that doesn’t mean you can’t explore the possibilities.
The best place to start is to get some help from a good business consultant to help you get those ideas out of your head and into a business outline.
This isn’t a full-blown business plan, it’s just a scoping exercise that helps work out how you may run the business or what the idea boundaries are, and help you answer the question - Is it commercially viable?
Make sure that before you engage help from anyone you ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement that covers your intellectual property.
Once you’ve got a basic idea of what it’s likely to cost to build and run, and the likely profitability, you can decide if you want to do any further detailed planning, or talk to experts in marketing methods or IT people who could develop your App.
Running a business takes work, even if it seems automated or simple.
You can’t dabble and be truly successful. You’ll need decide if it’s the right time, considering your personal priorities, to start the business so that you can give it the time it’ll need to come to life.

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