This column provides you with the opportunity to ask anything about the business of being in business.
Should I stay or should I go?
Is starting my own business the right thing to do or should I look for another job with a better boss?
It depends why you’re asking!
• Do you want to break free and regain control of your own priorities and time?
• Do you yearn for more creative expression or feel the need to get brilliant ideas out into the world?
• Are you feeling a dream calling or thinking about something specific that you are attracted to or want to move towards? What is it that attracts you?
• Are you resilient and willing to go outside your comfort zone as you learn?
If yes to some or all of these, this call to greener pastures may be an opening to a whole new phase in your life as long as you plan and execute smartly.
Depending on your timeframe you can research options yourself, attend seminars etc. If you want a faster result, work with a mentor.
Words of caution if you have never been in business before - even if you’re thinking of jumping to a brighter-looking job role:
Are you just in a flat spot at the moment? Most people feel loss of mojo, stuck, bored and unappreciated at times. When it’s been like this for a while, you are most likely not performing at your best. Rather than running, it’s the time for some honest feedback from a trusted, unbiased source with a bit of self-searching, so that you don't burn bridges or make a costly move where you end up repeating the same patterns that got you stuck in the first place. Starting a business from this mindset can prove to be costly and not much fun!
Are your instincts and close friends saying ‘get the heck out of there’? Are present conditions truly unbearable – a mean or micromanaging boss, relentless change with no support, a toxic culture of sniping, gossiping, pressure, bullying, lack of recognition? You may also feel unsafe. If you are unable to seek support from your internal HR team, please reach out to a coach or mentor who has experience in organisational systems, so that you can navigate safely before choosing your path.


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SOME home truths about being in Business:
1 – Getting clear about our WHY is more important than your market research, which comes later;
2 – Business always revolves around money and relationships. How healthy are these areas of your life right now?;
3 – Owning and growing a business is right up there with raising children: it’s the most intensive personal and spiritual journey you can take and all your ‘stuff’ will be mirrored back to you on a daily basis;
4 – Work life balance doesn't really exist until you have developed your business to support that. It will take hard work in the early years, so you have to love it grow it to support you;
5 – Be aware of seemingly easy options such as the “work-from-home-it’s-easy-to-make-money” promises;
6 – What works for someone else may not work for you.
This brings us back to item 1.

Sue Tsigaros is director of the Iris Group and is an experienced and generous leadership mentor for business owners, executives and those who aspire to these roles.

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