Brace yourselves — one of the biggest events the Hawkesbury region has ever seen is coming to Richmond next year.
The World Polo Championship is being hosted by the Sydney Polo Club in October 2017, and it’s expected to bring tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world to the area.
Winning the bid to host the championship is a huge honour for the Sydney Polo Club, which is one of Australia’s first clubs, founded in 1870.
Local businesses and tourism providers have already started preparing for this international event, which will be held over two weeks. The tournament will feature eight of the top teams in the world, including Australia and current champions Chile. It will take place over six game days during a two-week festival of music, markets and a huge variety of interactive activities like jousting and sheep shearing. Themed on Australia, the event will be an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to learn more about country culture and farming.
“Polo traditionally has this very exclusive image, but we want to show how accessible polo is for everyone,” Georgia Higgins from the Sydney Polo Club said.
“It’s a very family friendly sport, and we’re really excited to be able to host an event of this scope right here in Richmond.”
The Sydney Polo Club has the best polo grounds in Australia, Georgia said, a status that has taken decades of hard work to attain. The club put in a bid to host the championship in 2015, after years of developing the Richmond grounds.
“We want to keep the setting authentic so we won’t be building any big grandstands. We’re focusing on education, and working with local agricultural groups and farmers to offer an immersive experience to families with plenty of interactive activities for all ages,” Georgia said. ❐

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