How many times have you listened to a friend’s travel stories of nightmare international holidays with a two-stop flight itinerary? They inevitably end with reflections of how exhausted they felt when it was over.
“Adding that third airport into the mix seemed to add a ton of extra travel this year; it was rough,” was the reaction from a friend of mine who travelled recently.
I asked him how he booked the flights, and he replied that he’d used one of the big online travel booking sites. He added that the itinerary he purchased was the best combination of duration, flight times and price he could find.
My response was simply, “Next time, call my travel agent first. You’ll feel a lot better when it’s all over.”
The following year he did just that, and the agent provided options that he could find for himself using a single booking site — specifically, a short and affordable flight that put him in an airport with countless options for direct flights to his destination. What would have been another expensive, six-flight endurance test was replaced by a far less demanding trip.
This is how expert experience and advice really proves its value. You can book travel yourself, but why would you want to?
Local travel designer Jane Moore recently joined a progressive travel company called Savenio Signature Travel Experiences. Jane takes the time to know her clients and offer a bespoke service which requires first-hand knowledge, expertise and a great eye for detail. She meets her clients in the comfort of their own lounge room or a local café and spends the time discussing travel options without all the interruptions so common in a bricks-and-mortar travel agency.
Savenio is a member of Virtuoso, one of the world’s leading luxury travel networks. As a member of this renowned organisation, Savenio has access to otherwise unavailable experiences and amenities. It is an invitation only organisation, and is limited to the top one per cent of travel advisers, wholesalers and hotels worldwide.
Jane has many years of experience in the travel industry, and has travelled extensively around the world collecting first-hand knowledge of hotels, resorts, cruise lines, tour companies and airlines. There aren’t too many places she hasn't been.

**The mystery of Africa** Ask Jane to name the top three destinations in the world, and in short, she would include Africa. There are few places in the world where your heart races in anticipation of watching animals in the wild and not knowing what’s around the next corner. This country, along with Botswana, is a breathtaking adventure, an experience that is certainly a “bucket list” destination.
Sipping on a gin and tonic while watching magnificent African sunsets with a herd of elephants in the distance, bathing in a nearby shallow river, watching a pride of lions grooming themselves — these are just a few moments among many perfect ways to immerse yourself in the essence of South Africa.
Travelling to Africa and staying in luxury accommodation is really the only way to enjoy the delights of the African continent. Jane can tailor an itinerary to suit your preferences and dreams.
As Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”. Perhaps we should take heed of her advice. •

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