Have you ever watched a helicopter overhead and wondered what it would be like to not only ride in one, or if you have ridden in one, to pilot one?
The possibility, and opportunity, to do just that is providing good reason to take to the skies for many more people. Now, Sydney Helicopter Schools, based at Bankstown Airport but owned by long-time Hills residents Craig Burgess and Craig Murphy (of CJ Murphy Group), is turning the dream to reality.
The Hills Shire is abuzz with many business owners taking to helicopters as an efficient (and fun) mode of travel. With valuable time being wasted on crowded cross-city travel, using a helicopter for daily business travel, as well as leisure, is becoming increasingly popular.
There are dozens of private pilots in the Hills who take advantage of their acreage for convenient and safe landing pads. The amount of clear area required to land a helicopter is quite small, and all it takes is the land owner’s permission.
It’s possible to fly door-to-door from one end of the city to the other in less than 10 minutes – landing sites permitting. The ability to escape the traffic snarls that grind Sydney to a halt by soaring above the cars is a reality for helicopter pilots and their families.
Time is most certainly money, and time saved through efficient travel is well earned. You don’t even need to invest in your own helicopter — all you need is a private pilot’s licence.
Platinum Helicopters, the owner of Sydney Helicopter School, has two- and four-seater helicopters available for hire on an hourly basis. You only pay for the use of the helicopter while it is flying.
More business owners than ever are enjoying the experience of learning to fly for both business and pleasure. There are many destinations around Australia which can accommodate helicopters, including vineyards, country restaurants and B&Bs. There are also many small heliports in regional areas where you can land and then take a quick taxi to your destination. The options for fun travel and adventure are limitless.
If you are interested in learning to fly but not sure if you are suitable you can book a TIFF — Training Introductory Flight — for a modest $350.00. It’s also a great idea for a special birthday or Christmas present for those who dream to fly!