Stockland Elara Riparian Corridor Development


Once completed across Elara the area will be 24 hectares in size (Almost the size of the Royal Botanical Gardens or equivalent to just over 2x Hyde Parks)
The open space will include:

  • One lake
  • 7 kilometres of continuous paths and trails,
  • outdoor exercise hubs,
  • outlook spaces,
  • barbecue facilities,
  • inclusive play environments
  • informal kick about / play areas
  • Total investment of $20M by XYZ
  • 941,800 trees and plants planted

“Our parkland and riparian corridor developments have been a crucial project for our communities. Creating spaces for our residents to get out and explore nature and open spaces is not only important to the lifestyle and wellbeing of our residents but also fosters pockets of biodiversity in Greater Sydney.”

“This development exemplifies our commitment to our communities and development of open spaces across our Sydney communities. We hope residents will enjoy the access to the extensive parkland and find joy in the numerous trails, paths and recreational amenities on offer.”

Patrick Noble, Stockland Elara Project Director, highlights this project as a commitment to not only its communities and residents but also to the environment and wildlife at large.

Last week, Students from St Luke’s School and Marsden Park Public School were invited to be the first to plant in Stockland’s $20 million parkland and riparian corridors development. More information can be found by visiting

Upon completion early-2021, residents will have access to 24 hectares of beautiful parkland right at their doorstep. The area will almost be the same size as the Royal Botanical Gardens and encourage locals to get outside and immerse themselves into nature.