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3500 trees to green the streets of Parramatta

At least 3500 trees will be planted over four years as part of the Parramatta Light Rail program to bring shade to some of the hottest streets in the local government area.

The planting program includes five mature trees and at least 76 one-metre-high fig tree cuttings that will replace a cluster of seven fig trees removed last month for light rail works in the Cumberland Precinct and three at Robin Thomas Reserve.

The five mature trees and around 76 cuttings from the fig trees will be propagated (nurtured and grown) and re-planted along the alignment over the next few years once they reach approximately one metre in height.

By 2023, there will be more trees in Parramatta than before as a result of the light rail tree planting program.

Visit the website for more information on trees www.parramattalightrail.nsw.gov.au/trees

Did you know?

Curious discoveries

To enable construction and operation of the Parramatta Light Rail, areas of the alignment are examined to determine the presence of any heritage items, which are then salvaged. Along the way, some of these surprising finds have included a horse shoe from the area in George Street known as the Military Barracks and Asylum. The horse shoe is believed to be from the late 19th century.

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