Through these personal interviews, Know My Life captures the events and turning points in the lives of Bev Jordan, Jim Taggart and Trevor Oldfield.
These first three stories delve into their activities for charities over the years, along with what they continue to do for them. They also cover the many other roles the subjects play in their own daily lives.
Talking with the Know My Life interviewer, they discuss their journeys in life, from their upbringing during their formative years and into adulthood. Captured on film throughout are inspiring stories of endeavour, hardship and challenge.
These stories are personal, and create an historical record of the individual’s impact on society through their leadership, kindness and compassion. Until now, people’s legacies have been left in memory or in written form. They can now be captured on film in a high quality production. And with film production and distribution, Know My Life is a friend and supporter of these individuals and their causes.
These special people have given their own time to a number of causes over a number of years. They have kindly given their time again to talk about continued support in fundraising and raising awareness.

Bev Jordan – Hills Relay for Life,
Cancer Council
Jim Taggart – Eagles RAPS
Trevor Oldfield – Kids West

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