Firstly, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a happy and successful 2019.
May you succeed in all you endeavour. That said, if you give this year a half-arsed attempt then don’t be disappointed when it gives you exactly the same in return. I’ve never met a fortune teller that could give me the correct Powerball numbers so given we never know what’s around the corner. Don’t waste today.
Now on to my rant of the quarter. How did Australia become so stupid? I truly mean this. We have the highest rate of school leavers completing their secondary studies, we have the highest levels of tertiary qualified people in our Australian history but we are becoming more and more stupid as a society.
So many people in this great county have literally lost the ability to think for themselves. My father had two sayings that I will take to my grave:

  1. Common sense is not that common;
  2. Never reason with unreasonable people.
    Dad, we disagreed many times over the years and daresay will continue to do so in the future but on this you are 100 per cent right.
    When did we become a society that needs to have a policy and procedure on everything and anything? When did we become a society that looks for any opportunity to blame someone or something rather than using the little peanut in their head that used to be called a brain? I have no idea how many times I see “smart” people do stupid things. A tertiary education doesn’t give you the ability to think, all it does is ensure you can read at a sufficient level to understand a WOHS manual. Reality check, we shouldn’t need a manual for every tiny detail. You have a brain, use it occasionally.
    I for one am generally against government intervention and over regulation but the time has come.
    We put fluoride in our drinking water because we are not trusted enough to keep our teeth clean and hygienic. It’s a sad reality but dentistry has seen a massive improvement in oral hygiene since the addition of fluoride to our drinking water. I’m starting a one-man crusade. I am proposing it is time the government puts a sterilising agent into our water ways just like fluoride.
    Here’s how it will work:
  3. The drinking water will contain a sterilisation agent – self-explanatory;
  4. When you believe you are ready to have a child you need to fill out a form. This will drastically reduce the most at-risk people who should not even consider being a parent;
  5. After successfully lodging the online form, you will be invited to attend a meeting, further reducing the pool of eligible applicants;
  6. During the meeting, you will be asked a series of common-sense questions, asked to solve day-to-day problems and, for good measure, ask how you plan to raise your baby;
  7. If you can satisfy this four-step process, you will be issued a vial of antiserum and – voila — you go home, light the candles to set the mood, put on a little Barry Manilow or whatever takes your fancy and party like its 1999. In nine months, you’ll be the proud parent of a bouncing baby knowing you are smart enough to not only raise it but to give the child the best chance of not living but thriving as a contributor to society and a free thinker.
    Are you with me?

Joe Russo – White male under 40. Married with two children. Qualified accountant in a former life and currently a Hills business owner but, more importantly, a husband and father who will walk over hot coals for my family and the people I love.

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