To start with let’s explain what a Royal Commission is.
Royal Commissions are public inquiries governed by an act of Parliament. They can be called on any matter connected with the peace, order and good government of the Commonwealth or any public purpose or any power of the Commonwealth. In this case the aged care sector will be investigated. The 'Terms of Reference' are confirmed and the focus of the investigations will be on quality and care, people with disabilities, meeting the needs of people with dementia and considering the future needs of older Australians.

What is the process?

The Australian Government in consultation with the community, including residents and their families and aged care providers have developed ‘Terms of Reference’. Simply put, this means that we have all had an opportunity to have our say in what we would like on the agenda for investigation. From there the Commissioner and a team of experienced barristers supported in the background by an army of lawyers set out to investigate issues set out and defined in the ‘Terms of Reference’. The investigations could see a number of public hearings, behind the scenes interviews, and reviews of previous investigations and legislation. This process is expected to take a couple of months by which time an interim report will be released with high level findings and the full report with recommendations following shortly after. This concludes the Royal Commission and then it becomes the role of the Government to legislate and potentially establish a separate body to prioritise action on the recommendations.

What this will mean to you.

The Royal Commission will be shining a spotlight on the quality of care provided and the role of the aged care quality agency, the funding and therefore staffing levels and consumer protections for those who are unable to exercise their rights.
The outcomes, while not necessarily immediately implemented, will offer peace of mind that ageing well in a welcoming and safe environment with dignity is the Australian Government’s, Aged Care Quality Agency and Aged Care providers top priority.

If you would like more information or simply like to discuss what this may mean to you and your family, please contact the SummitCare Advisory Team on 1300 68 55 48 or Email.
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