Winter offers the perfect excuse to invite friends around for a feast of great food accompanied by fine wines. The cool weather means comfort food and warm fires, fine reds and great company — an unbeatable combination, with a promise of cosy indulgence.
Our menu for this fabulous meal has been kindly prepared by the chefs at Pandora’s Restaurant in Rouse Hill. Pandora’s offers an exciting Italian menu with a unique modern Australian twist, making every visit a memorable one.
Pandora’s Restaurant also offers sophisticated menus and extensive facilities for corporate and business functions, conferences and meetings. ❐

Garlic King Prawns with Avocado Salsa and Lime Aioli



Remove the shells of five prawns, leaving their tails on, and split one through the middle of its shell. Cover them with garlic butter.
Pan fry the five shelled prawns in extra virgin olive oil and deglaze with wine and butter.
Grill the split prawn.

Avocado salsa:

You will need two avocados, two Roma tomatoes with seeds removed, half a red onion, and one cucumber with seeds removed. Mix in half a bunch of parsley, the zest and juice of two limes, sea salt, cracked pepper and 60ml of extra virgin olive oil.

Lime Mint Aioli

Using one bunch of mint, the zest and juice of six limes, and six cloves of garlic, mix in a bar blender, and add the mix to 1kg of mayonnaise.

Herb & Garlic Lamb with Ratatoullie, Duck Fat Potatoes and Red Wine Jus

Lamb Backstrap

Marinate the 250g lamb back strap overnight in one clove of garlic, thyme, oregano, rosemary, cracked pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

Duck Fat Potatoes

Peel and slice the potatoes to size, par boil them for 15 minutes until soft around the edges (this will help them to get super crunchy later), remove carefully and place them in a tray submerged in 300ml duck fat. Bake them at 200°C for 20 minutes until golden brown.


Mix one red onion, one 1 clove of garlic, thyme, oregano, rosemary, one eggplant, two zucchinis, one red capsicum, 100ml red wine, 100g tomato paste, basil, salt and pepper.

Sticky Date Pudding

Step 1

Add 350g pitted dates to 500ml of boiling water and one tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda.

Step 2

Mix 210g of brown sugar, 125g of melted butter, and add four eggs. Whisk them all together.
Add the dates and water to the sugar mix,
mix well, and sift in 1kg of self-raising flour.
Place in a tray and bake at 180°C for 25 minutes.
Remove when cooked through, pour hot butterscotch sauce all over and let it cool.

Butterscotch Sauce

Mix 200g of unsalted butter, 500g of brown sugar and 200ml of cream together.