Dating your daughter isn’t a one-evening affair. You can organise more simple regular time together on a low budget — and Mums, you need to help Dad.
Here are some keys to success:
How do kids spell love? T.I.M.E. (but quality is key).
It’s hard to make the best use of your time when life is so busy and distractions and demands put pressure on you, so being strategic and working as a team to support each other is critical to achieve the results you want.

  1. Diarise time with your kids (one on one)
    If you block out time each week with each one of your kids — for instance, every Saturday between 8:30 and 10:30 you go out and do something fun with one child, then rotate that between your kids each weekend — you’ll find it easier to manage the other competing events in your diary. Put first things first and fit everything else around those important events.

  2. Agreement is important
    Transition times are hard for dads, like the hour when they get home from work and you’re both tired. So plan ahead, agree together that before he walks in the door from work he’ll practise mentally leaving his work at the doorstep, then for the first 15 to 20 minutes his sole activity is to engage with the kids about their days, really listening (and don’t let in any distractions). Then after that time he’ll help partner in doing whatever housework, dinner preparation and so on is needed.

  3. Use all of your time
    Time with kids doesn’t have to be in the middle of a busy weekend. Some dads jog/walk or cycle with their kids early in the morning before the busy day starts.
    It doesn’t have to be a weekend — dinner/dessert dates mid-week are always doable.

  4. Communicate your parenting struggles with your partner
    The fact is you both struggle to be the parent you wish you could be, so share the things you find hard with your partner, and discuss ways or strategies you can help each other with those things. Do this regularly.
    Hey mums, “dating” your daughters and sons is just as important as dads dating their kids, but sometimes we find it a bit easier than dads to actually do it. Even if you’re a single mum or dad try asking some friends (or your parents) to help you to get some time alone with each of your kids, one on one, every now and then. Perhaps you could offer to mind each other’s kids for an hour or two.

What to do with my kids on date day/night?

• Ten Pin Bowling or Mini-Golf
• Milkshakes/ice creams at a local café
• Brunch/breakfast in a café (or even McDonalds if the budget is tight)
• Go to a school fete, concert or play
• Do something active — go for a walk, cycle or canoeing together
• Read a book together
• Go to the park or on a picnic
• Take the dog for a walk together.