Summer is the ideal season to showcase your property at its best. When we think of summer we think of hot, sunny days and balmy evenings, long lunches and breezy weekends by the pool — everything that makes this season so gorgeous here in
the Hills.
But while the weather outside sizzles, when it comes to interiors they should be cool, crisp and inviting.
If you are selling your property, how you present it will determine how well buyers respond to it. Showing a space that is inviting, stylish and organised is paramount for a successful sale.
To get the most out of selling your property this summer (and still allow for some time
to relax on the weekends!) here is a simple four step process to create a home that
buyers will love.

## 1. Presentation: visual appeal The first platform of communication between your property and potential buyers is the ad campaign they will see online, and this is where the presentation begins. A great property that is stylish and up to date will entice buyers from the very first click. When styling your property for a summer campaign, ensure that everything is kept light and bright. Use lots of fresh colours, introduce relaxed, contemporary furniture and amplify the lighting in each room. Create extra appeal with sumptuous accessories, vases of foliage and eye catching artworks. Furniture should be well proportioned and suit the space, so if you have any excess items put them in storage during the campaign. If your property is vacant or you have sparse bits of furniture, consider hiring items from a property stylist to ensure that each room is presented at its best.
## 2. Space: clean and uncluttered For summer sales, think space! During open inspections you can potentially have dozens of people moving through your home at any one time. The rooms should be comfortable and easy to move around, and they should also be able to be seen. De-cluttering is the best tool you can use to ensure a property looks and feels great. Creating a sense of spaciousness will make rooms appear larger, the property feel brighter and it will bring a fresh, uncluttered look that is perfect for the warmer seasons.
## 3. Maintenance: call in the experts Whether you are short on time or don’t have a green thumb, sometimes getting a professional tradesperson in can save you a lot of time, money and effort. No matter what the season, it’s important to undertake repairs and general maintenance to ensure that your property is looking perfect. As the weather warms up and invites people to make the most of the outdoors, pay particular attention to the external part of your property. Clean gutters, trim gardens and give the house a facelift with a fresh coat of paint. And amplify any outdoor spaces that you have with some stylish outdoor furniture. Internally, kitchens and bathrooms are two areas that should always be immaculate. Replace bench seals, clean or re-grout between tiles and make sure there is no mould present. If cabinets need updating, replace door handles or have them resprayed for a cost effective makeover.

4. Ambience: fresh and comfortable

With warm weather outside, keep the indoor of your property cool and ambient. The rooms should smell fresh and clean, and the temperature of your house should be comfortable to give visitors a welcome retreat from the heat. On especially hot days, run the air-conditioning or some fans prior to the inspections to cool the air. Leave scented candles or diffusers in rooms for subtle scent.
Also remember to create ambience outside the house. If your property has an outdoor area that gets a lot of sun, soften this with a large umbrella or some leafy plants. And when gardens need fertilising, do this a few weeks prior so that everything smells pleasant by the first inspection. ☐

Summer style tips

• For accessories use cooler colours in bright tones — teals, greens and soft yellows. • Keep furniture neutral with relaxed, stylish pieces that fit the space well. • Use bright light globes with a high wattage throughout the property, especially in darker spaces. • When placing rugs on tiles or floorboards, use something in a low pile weave or natural fibre like sisal for a more casual feel. • Showcase pools and outdoor entertaining areas in summer — create an inviting entertaining area with comfortable outdoor seating, bright accessories and lush gardens. • For smaller yards and balconies, decorative water features add great ambience.