Now that winter is upon us most people tend to head indoors to hibernate, but with some clever heating options available today you can still keep using your outdoor spaces and entertain in style and comfort.
To find out what heating possibilities will suit your lifestyle you’ll need to assess your outdoor space in general terms first. Is it open or enclosed, are there plants overhanging or possibly growing too close? Is there power or gas to the area, will smoke be an issue, will small children be in the vicinity or in reach of an open flame, and how often will it be used?
With all this information to hand, a heating company can advise the most suitable product for you.
There are many modern and super stylish bio-ethanol products available for indoor and outdoor use. Some available options are so beautiful that they can be a feature even during the day, and at night create a soft ambience. They are made from beautiful cut metal which at night reflects the glow and creates movement from shadows cast onto walls and ceilings, and can be placed around the garden to highlight areas.
They also have many benefits apart from being eco-friendly. As it is a renewable, clean burning fuel, bio-ethanol heaters don’t need flues or need to be attached to services to run, making them very portable.
The Eco Range can be purchased and seen at any Cosh Living store. ☐

EcoSmart Lighthouse heaters provide alternate heating possibilities. Small – RRP from $795, Medium – RRP from $895, Large – RRP from $995.
## Wall heaters go slim Good old fashioned wall strip heaters have come a long way. There are now modern slimline models available which can be mounted into the ceiling for a very sleek, inconspicuous look. They can also be hung and wall mounted. The Heatstrip classic is an electric radiant heater offering one of the most energy efficient heat sources compared to gas bottle outdoor heaters. The Heatstrip is ideal for any undercover areas. And don’t forget to consider if heating under any roof structure — a fan is not only useful in summer to create air circulation but while the heaters are on in winter the hot air rises and the fans can be switched over to push the heat back down.
## An effective open wood fire alternative The smart way to build an open fireplace, Firefox OFP WD system is a pre-fabricated fireplace construction system which costs less than a traditional brick chimney and is many times more effective. Whether you’re building a new home or want to add a fireplace in an existing home, the fully integrated system gives you the versatility to create a brilliantly effective open fireplace in the architectural style that you want virtually anywhere, and very cost efficiently. Apart from being economical to install, the Firefox OFP system produces brilliant radiant heat. A unique heat exchange design traps hot air and circulates it through natural convection into the room. The built-in damper further enhances the unit’s efficiency by allowing you to regulate the rate of burning and reduce heat loss. Its unique log burning grate is designed to maximise heat build-up and radiate heat output. The grate also features a slide out ash pan for simple ash disposal. A safety screen slides neatly away under the unit when not in use.
## A DECORATIVE GAS FIRE Warmth, charm and convenience… a Firefox gas open fireplace will give you a stunning open fire effect instantly. You can choose from a sleek, modern pebble effect or a classic log/coal effect.  Each style features wispy flickering flames and brightly glowing embers. The Firefox gas fire has a fan-forced heat exchanger which pushes the heated air back into the room so you will be nice and cosy too! Designed for ease of installation, the Firefox gas open fire system is equally suitable for new constructions as well as renovations. The ZC Zero Casing version of the system allows it to be clad in lightweight material, while the ME and RT versions are designed for masonry or brick enclosures. With myriad decorative surround options there is a Firefox gas open fire style to enhance any new or existing home.
When only wood fires will do There are now endless options available for the ever popular wood burning fire pit. If space is an issue then the fire pits or chimineas are more convenient if they are not built in as they can be moved and hidden away when not in use. More built-in versions can have covers made and be utilised as tables in the warmer months when not needed as a heater. If building your own fire pit area consider a safe distance around the perimeter for seating and just make sure there are plenty of marshmallows ready when you light these.