It’s summer! Which means I can tuck away the jumpers and sweat pants, pull out the boardies and flip-flops, and prepare to get hot, wet and covered in sand.
Yes, I’m talking about the beach — the reason I wait 272 days of the year for summer to come around. To me nothing beats the feeling of sand under my feet, the smell of salt in the air, and the sound of waves crashing against the shore.
Just last week a group of mates and I made a trip up to Terrigal. It was the first time since last summer that I’d been anywhere near a beach, and I’d almost forgotten how good fish and chips taste when eaten in their natural habitat. One thing I did forget, however, was to slip slop slap, and I’ve still got the bright red sunburn to show for it. Despite being raised a proper beach brat, I never learn. Thank heavens for Aloe Vera gel.
Something that summer brings out in the majority of people is fitness. I know it does in me. Around this time every year I find myself saying the same things — “I need to eat better, I need to work on my tan, I need to exercise so that I look better without a shirt”.
This probably happens because I also have a lot of friends who are gym junkies. However, it doesn’t always play out the way it does in my head. I mean, summer is hot and exercise is hard. I know if we could all get fit without having to put in the hard work we would, and although I hate to admit it, fish and chips isn’t the healthiest choice of meals.
I feel like I live in an amazing city, which has a lot to offer during summer. I plan on attending a number of music festivals, participating in a couple of public speaking seminars, attending a close friend’s wedding, spending Christmas and New Year’s with friends and family, and I’ve even booked my first cruise to New Zealand in February with my closest friends.
Sydney is a great place for young opportunists. I can’t stand it when people tell me that they are bored or don’t know what to do with the time they have. It’s simply laziness. I promise that if you look a little harder and are willing to step out of your comfort zone you will be setting yourself up for numerous experiences — and all of them fun and exciting.
Now, even though summer can be a great time, it can also quickly burn a hole in your wallet, especially with Christmas right around the corner. Every year I find myself far behind in Christmas shopping due to this exact problem, and it doesn’t help that I’m the oldest in a family of eight. It really makes me miss the days when I could get away with giving my siblings mixed lolly bags as presents.
Do you know what I always forget to take into account? How quickly the year goes by. New Year’s is almost here and I’ve barely thought about what is to come in 2016. Trying to come up with a New Year’s resolution is almost as difficult as trying to follow through with said resolution. I’ll admit I used to think it all quite trivial, but I realised that it’s important to want to go into the new year as a better version of yourself.
And to all of you who do make New Year’s resolutions, I applaud you. Going into 2017, my resolution will be to continue to reach
out to people in my community and further
to motivate and inspire with my speaking
and my writing.
So I’m off to enjoy my summer to the fullest, but I’ll try not to let it get away from me. I’ll remind you all, just like I am constantly reminding myself, drink lots of water and make sure you are generous with the sun-screen.
Enjoy your time with family and friends, and wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. ☐