Spring is here! I mean, it is still cold but summer is right around the corner and if that doesn’t excite you I don’t know what will. Off with the trackies, hang up the hoodies, and step out the front door because there’s a lot that the Hills have to offer.
My way of gearing up for Spring starts with a hot drink, a couple of mates, and my eyes set on an adventure. There are various cafés around the Rouse Hill area, such as Fresh and Simple café on Annangrove Road or The Coffee Emporium at Rouse Hill Town Centre, which provide great service and make a great cuppa.
On my ideal spring afternoon, following meeting up with friends at a café, I like to make the most of experiencing the great outdoors and some fresh air, whether that be a quick skip over to Rouse Hill Regional Park or trekking up to the Blue Mountains to follow a walking track with a camera close by.
A lot of people I know tend to avoid the shopping centres for simply hanging out these days. They say the crowds are a bit too much for them. The Rouse Hill/Beaumont Hills and Kellyville areas are both in New South Wales’ fastest 20 growing suburbs. The main reason for this is the greenfield development in this area.
Many of my friends living in the Hills agree that the rising population will bring about good opportunities such as the new railway being built.
However, a lot of them are looking at moving into places of their own at this stage, and with the increase in population there has also been an increase in housing prices, which makes it hard for any young adults or young families to afford a home here. As a result many of my friends I’ve known for many years are moving away from the Hills.
So I’m looking at Spring this year as a time for new beginnings and opportunities. For me, it’s the time of year that represents moving forward. I hope you are all able to enjoy it, and do so spending time with loved ones. ❐

Lincolne Innis was badly injured in a surfing accident in 2012, and is now a quadriplegic, but his tenacity and spirit in turning his life around is inspiring the Hills community.