At one stage over the Christmas holidays, I started to sweat salt and I found myself googling whether you could overdose on leg ham. But how good is Christmas gluttony?
I feel like an excited little kid who has escaped from fat camp. My usual sprinkles of mueslis, salads and lean proteins become replaced with lashings of chocolate, potato chips ... actually, anything that makes paper see through really.
Unfortunately, this gloriously indulgent spree always leaves me feeling more like the piggy I have spent the last month eating, and by the time the New Year rings around I am manically googling new fitness places I can try out.
And boy oh boy, haven’t the Hills come alive with unique fitness solutions for mums wanting to start a new hobby that is actually good for them. I have narrowed down a hit list for you!

Aerial Body & Barre –Castle Hill
This beautiful yoga and pilates studio is simply stunning. The girls here are super friendly and knowledgeable, and there’s a bucket load of classes to choose from. The Barre classes (which combine pilates with traditional ballet techniques) were a firm favourite for me and they also have aerial yoga.
Best of all, there is child minding! The space is light and trendy and you almost feel like you’re somewhere inner city.
F45 - Multiple Hills Locations (The Bella Vista one is great)
I am not sure what they put in the water cooler here, but everyone I know who has been to a class seems to leave completely addicted. F45 Training is a team based, functional training facility that places a huge emphasis on the “three key factors” of motivation, innovation and results. At F45 (the F stands for functional), no program is ever repeated, making every workout a unique experience.

Miss Fit Pole Studio
My friend took up pole dancing, and after a year of sticking with it she had the most incredible arms I have ever seen! Miss Fit Pole Studio is your best bet in the area if this tickles your fancy. Pole dancing is for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.
The curriculum covers six star levels to ensure that students can master each level fully. Oh, and they also have mums and bubs classes. Winning!

Physie – Rouse Hill Physie
Physie? The ribbon twirling thing that some girls did as kids? Nuh uh!
Popping up all over my Facebook feed is mums taking on physie. And why not? The dance syllabus is a combination of ballet, contemporary and aerobic dance, which is the perfect low impact fitness solution. Rouse Hill Physie is a great place to start if you’re looking for mature aged classes.

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