The cold winter weather we’ve endured in the past few months taught me a lesson in living life to the max, despite a few minor discomforts. Although it is always a challenge to drag yourself away from the comfort of your bed, and I personally hate the cold, I found there’s something incredibly energising about a clear and chilly winter’s day.

So one day during winter, after practically setting myself alight with the electric heater, I went out to the backyard and moved in correspondence to the sun, trying to catch the most sunlight. Despite how I felt about the cold weather, winter still gives us some beautiful days, and we should always enjoy them, regardless.

Now that the weather is warming up, there’s really no excuse. It’s time to really take advantage of them. Trips out to the city are my preference. Nothing quite beats finding a small café in Darling Harbour that serves a decent burger or hot chocolate for friends or family and myself. You can always find something of interest along the water’s edge, whether it’s the street performers, Christmas in July exhibits or shopping. A few weeks ago I took the time to go see the Vivid Sydney light show for the first time, which was spectacular enough to encourage the hordes of Sydney out and about till all hours, but I would definitely recommend seeing it. And don’t forget to bring a camera, because we really do have a remarkable city and you don’t want to miss capturing any of its moments.

I must admit, though, I am as guilty as the rest when it comes to my ideal time spent on a day during poor weather, sitting in front of a large screen with comfort food catching up on the latest Game of Thrones episode, or Marvel movies if I can get a group to go to the local cinemas. When I do spend more time at home I find my creativity sparking, particularly in reading and writing. I’ve got quite a good collection of Matthew Reilly and Jonathan Stroud novels which I can pick up and enjoy reading multiple times.

Films and books I’ve always found very easy when it comes to making decisions about what I like and dislike. Music, however, is a different matter. I enjoy all genres of music, from rap to rock to alternative to electric dance, and I find this makes it very difficult when searching for new artists to listen to because I never have a place to start looking. There’s also the fact that apart from the radio I am not really up to date with the latest hits. Only recently did I find that I enjoy Ed Sheeran! Most of the time I’d spend my time listening to older hits from Blink 182, Cartel, Nas, eminem, or Linkin Park. My friends keep saying I need to jump on one of those music sharing social media platforms like Spotify or Soundcloud.

I’ll be honest — I used to be very insecure about being out in public in a wheelchair and that confined me to my house a lot of the time, but being stuck at home caused me to feel that I was missing out on many opportunities. So eventually I decided that every chance I got to get out there and do something, I’d take it. And I really do enjoy spending a lot of time with friends and family participating in numerous activities, but I also find that I do enjoy taking some quality “me” time as well, and there’s nothing wrong with that.