As a slight detour from design styles in previous editions I could not resist showcasing a recent renovation that was designed specifically for the “flipping house” market. This is the first time I’ve been directly involved with a company who “flips” houses for a profession.
The entire design approach is different from the approach used when staying in the home. It was also a first for Greg Dixon and Justin Pedavoli from Property to Profits in engaging an interior designer in the process of turning an ugly duckling into a swan, with the end result a stunning, beautiful space that appeals to all ages. The styling by The Styling House completed the transformation.
Greg brought me in at the very beginning of the process, and from day one it was a collaboration of ideas and experience. My role was to push the envelope in ideas and designs, Greg would push back with timelines, budget and target market. When designing in such scenarios it is important to conduct your due diligence for market prices in the area, and the target market — whether it will be for downsizers, families, couples and so on.
The location of the home is also important as you do not want to overcapitalise for the area. A good relationship with a real estate agent who understands the market forces in the area is vital for intelligence and making informed decisions to ensure maximum return on investment is attained.
As a designer, my initial consultation was to assess the space. I noted the good, the bad and the ugly. Discussions with both Greg Dixon and the agent garnered information about the property. As with any renovation, both functionality and aesthetics play an important role, and my responsibility as a designer is to ensure both are addressed.
For this “flip” the bedrooms and bathrooms were made appealing and functional. The focal points were the living areas, where the “wow” factor was gained from a perfect unison of functionality and aesthetics. Beauty is what draws you into a space, and once there you can imagine yourself and your family living there.

A. The kerb appeal is nil, with little to encourage exploration.
B. The simple task of making cosmetic changes, such as painting the driveway, painting the roof and adding new garage doors in colours that complement the bricks, encourages you to walk down the stairs. The positioning of the slatted walls directs you into the space. Even the letterbox makes a statement, and introduces you to the colour palette of the home.
C. Once you walk down the stairs you are instantly welcomed with this beautiful outdoor area, completely private from the street, but it allows you to take advantage of the space, depending upon the weather.
D. The entry level of the house leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms. The master bedroom even has its own private courtyard.
E. Comparing the before shot with the after. It is almost impossible to believe it is the same space.
F. With the use of a clever colour palette and storage, a designer kitchen has been created. Downlights and strip lighting under the overhead cupboards and island help add the wow factor. An informal living area complements the kitchen and dining.
G. By installing bi-fold doors in both living areas there is a seamless blend of the indoor and outdoor. The luxury outdoor area has its own TV and custom built BBQ area (unseen in photo) as well as cooling and heating. The gyprocked ceiling adds insulation, and the strategically placed skylights allow light to penetrate the area. A room for all seasons.
H. The living room frames the beautiful bush vista.

When flipping a house, or even deciding to sell your home, it is vital that the first thing a prospective buyer sees is positive. You have 30 seconds to achieve this. If they see a positive, they will look for more and talk themselves into loving the space. If it is a negative they will then look for more negatives and either walk away or use it to bargain the price down.
With this house the initial kerb appeal was nothing special. We could not move the position of the garage or the impact of the driveway so we needed to make it an exciting area encouraging people to want to explore the rest of the house. It was the introduction, the equivalent of the back page blurb on a book, making you want to turn to the rest of the book to read the story.
Once the viewers are drawn in, they are then slowly introduced to the entire beauty of this home. We have created an exciting journey that whets the appetite and then sates it when you walk downstairs.
The before and after pictures of the house tell the story better than any words can.

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