It's the perfect time to refresh your home – whether it’s cleaning, updating a few pieces or moving things around; a new perspective on your space can make a huge difference to how it feels. And it doesn’t need to be expensive!

Change One Item

Doesn’t a new quilt cover or a crisp pair of sheets make your bedroom feel like a completely different place? If you have the basic pieces of furniture in your home already, then adding something new will bring your room to life again. Change up the scatter cushions on your sofa, update your bedlinen, get some new decorative vases for your entry table.


Artwork completes a room! It sets the mood and tone of the interior, and can become either the focal feature of the space or the element that ties everything together. Find a piece that you are drawn to, then find a special place to hang it.

Move Your Space Around

When we style a property for clients, one of the biggest surprises they get is how we lay out the rooms! It can be completely opposite from how they ever used the space, and will give the room a totally different feel. If you’ve lived in a property for some time, simply re-arranging how the furniture is positioned will make a space feel new and fun again. Consider flipping the layout of your living space, moving a bed to a different wall, or even changing the amount of furniture you have in a room.

Add Greenery

Enough can’t be said about how much a touch of greenery will liven up a home. A bunch of fresh flowers on a table, a small potted fern in a bathroom or a beautiful pot plant in the corner of a room will add life and colour to your home. And if you don’t have a green thumb? Go for fake plants! A good quality artificial plant will often be hard to pick versus the real thing.

Whether your property is to live in or sell, you can apply these tips to any space. Even a small change will have a big impact on how your home feels, and Spring is the ideal time to renew your property’s interior.

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