When you are selling your house there is always more to the package that people are buying than just the house itself. The neighbourhood, the light factor, the ambience — the feel of those four walls is just as important as the walls themselves. When your property goes on the market it helps to always remember that you are not just selling a house — you are selling a lifestyle.
With the winter weather, buyers will be looking for a home that feels warm, cosy and inviting. Here are the best ways to create the perfect winter ambience for your prospective buyers.

Layer up

Add a sense of cosiness and warmth to rooms by layering linens and cushions. Use knitted throws and feather-filled cushions to adorn sofas, have fluffy pillows and quilts layered across beds, and fold plush towels in bathrooms. Layering different fabrics and textures will create a warmer, cosier feel
that is perfect for making your property more welcoming.


No matter the season, you always want rooms to be as bright as possible. In winter the best kind of lighting to use is soft and warm. While incandescent bulbs in table lamps and ceiling lights provide the warmest tone of illumination, there are also some great energy efficient light bulbs available. Whether it’s standard, energy saving or halogen bulbs, choose warm bulbs to ensure the most ambient lighting.

Subtle scents

It’s always good to keep rooms smelling clean and fresh, but in the cooler months it’s also nice to add warmer scents as well — the smell of freshly baked bread or biscuits in the kitchen, burning candles in bedrooms and fresh linen in a laundry. But if you don’t have time to bake or put a fresh load of washing in the dryer, with an array of candles, diffusers, sprays and essential oils available there are so many ways to create delicious scents in winter. Go for richer, more complex notes than summer scents, but still keep it subtle to make the smells pleasant but overwhelming.

Perfect temperature

Greet your buyers with a cosy environment that beckons them inside. When it’s chilly and breezy outside, there is nothing better than stepping into a warm, welcoming home. Whether you are using central heating or individual portable heaters, warm up rooms for at least an hour before open house inspections begin. Depending on how your home holds heat, choose a comfortable temperature that takes the chill out of the air but isn’t too stuffy.


While lots of bare surfaces are great in the warmer months, use accessories to your advantage in winter to create more ambience in a room. Add a stack of coffee table books, vases and a decorative tray to tables and consoles. Do a cluster of lotion bottles in the bathroom, a lavish floral display on the dining table, and place canisters of tea and coffee on the kitchen bench. When used strategically, accessories will make rooms feel cosier and more homely.

Change up the colours

Winter calls for rich, earthy tones in houses. While cool blues and greens are great in summer, when the weather is cooler turn up the temperature with reds, oranges, browns and warm neutrals. Introduce brightly coloured cushions, richly patterned linens and bold artwork. Balance the richer colours with creams, beiges and warm whites.

Add a rug

If you have tile or timber flooring, they can make rooms feel quite chilly in the winter months. Soften the feel of cold floors by using rugs to warm up a space. Rugs will not only create a more cosy feeling, but they will absorb noise, add detail to what could be an otherwise plain area and aesthetically tie a room together. Choose plush, soft pile rugs that are pleasant underfoot and also ensure that you’ve placed anti-slip pads underneath the rug if it’s not anchored with furniture.

Introduce detail

Where sleek, clean and bright is ideal in the warmer months, in winter homes can be more richly decorated. Add extra details to your rooms such as intricately patterned fabrics, deeper shades of colour and large, detailed artworks. Winter is a great time to create interest in a room and have fun mixing patterns, textures and colours. ❐

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How to create winter style

• Use burnt oranges, burgundys, plums, ochres, warm beiges and creams — rich, warm colours are perfect in the cooler months.
• Knitted throws are a great way to warm up beds and drape across sofas.
• Brighten up dark corners with floor and table lamps, and make sure everything is switched on during inspections.
• Soften cold surfaces — use rugs on floors, accessories on tables and artwork on walls.