It’s a story so often told. A family spends endless hours searching for the home that suits their family and social life perfectly, only to find that it doesn’t really exist. The only option left is to grasp the nettle and build the home that fits their dream.
Maria and Shannon can tell this story of their search for a home in Dural, but theirs is one with a very happy ending.
“We weren’t planning on building,” said Maria. “We knew we liked the Dural area, and we looked at many open houses in the area. None was exactly what we wanted, but all the houses that we loved the most turned out to be Denton homes. They all stood out with their quality finishes and attention to detail. So when we found an amazing property hidden away, with an old country shack on it, it was an easy decision to go with Denton homes to build our dream home.”
Maria and Shannon chose the Dural area because they wanted their children to have plenty of outdoor space to entertain themselves.
“We wanted our dream home to not only suit our (at the time) very young family, but also to suit them as they became teenagers and adults. The house needed to grow with our family, so we added a cinema room, playroom/study, billiard room and multiple living areas to suit a growing family, “ said Shannon. “A pool, mini golf green and tennis court were also included for kids’ and adults’ outdoor entertainment. We wanted the children to want to spend time here and have their friends over.”

One size fits more
The property is on acreage, which was a prerequisite for the family to allow for growth and change as the family grew.
“We were lucky to be able to design an expansive house that wasn’t confined by block size. We wanted a single level home that had a separate bedroom ‘wing’ and a living ‘wing’,” said Maria. “Our main priority was to take advantage of the amazing view and bring the outdoors in, without worrying about neighbours being able to see into our home. It gave the house (and us) a sense of freedom.
“We don’t have a lot of walls in the living areas but we have a lot of very big windows. There are also no window dressings (in the living areas) — we have abundant natural light and the house feels open, bright and airy, but still cosy. The views are our replacement for artwork.
“We appreciate the peace and quiet and the privacy that acreage brings. You can hear the breeze, the water cascading from the fountain and the beautiful birds chirping. And no cars or trucks within hearing distance — just serenity.”

The build
The building of the house was not as fraught as they imagined it might be, due in large part to Denton Homes’ director David Denton taking particular care with early decision making processes.
“David Denton ensured a smooth process by encouraging all materials, fixtures and fittings to be chosen beforehand, or early into the build. While this was a little stressful at the time (especially with three children under three!), it was definitely a good decision because once the build began we could relax and enjoy the process of watching our vision come to life,” said Maria.

“All the team at Denton Homes were very professional. David
was a good listener, and kept us informed along the way. It felt as though David wasn’t just building us a house, he cared about building us a home.
“He had the entire build process under control, and despite the weather being against us at times, the process seemed to go like clockwork — at least from our point of view! We felt very confident in the build from beginning to end.”

Private places
While Shannon’s favourite room is his “man cave”/billiard room, the open plan kitchen, dining and living area is Maria’s favourite space.
“This is the room we spend the most time together as a family, cooking, doing homework, catching up on each others’ day while looking out at the property and the dam and the trees,” said Maria.
The large garden has special places for the family too.
“The veggie patch is a family project and a work in progress, but we are learning as we go, and the kids are enjoying growing their own food.
“The circular courtyard is a major feature of the house, as all the living areas look out onto it. It’s where we eat outdoors, sit and have coffee or wine and enjoy the pool and spa in summer. The outdoor kitchen and pizza oven is also a great gathering point to eat or watch a spontaneous tennis match,” said Maria. “The trees changing colour with the seasons and plants flowering at different times of year mean there is always something new and beautiful to look at.”
Would the family like to change anything with hindsight?
“No. It’s perfect as it is! This is most definitely our dream home. We feel very lucky to be living a ‘resort’ life every day.”

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