Time to update your bathroom or ensuite, or perhaps you’re building a new home? Whatever the situation, unless the bathroom is well thought out and designed to meet the specific needs of your household you could be making a costly mistake.
According to a Housing Industry Association (HIA) survey, on average bathrooms can cost around the $16,000 mark; however, some cost significantly more and others less. With costs like these no wonder people find it a stressful exercise.
As with anything, planning is absolutely paramount to success. The following checklist will assist in this process.

Analyse your existing bathroom

A few questions to ask yourself — does it need more light, is storage an issue, and is ventilation a problem?

List the good, the bad and the ugly

Is the bathroom a good size, but the door is in the wrong place? Is the ventilation poor? Is the toilet positioned as a feature in the bathroom? Are the tiles in good condition but dated?

List the essential items

Consider all your requirements for the new bathroom, such as adequate storage so most things are out of sight, a wall hung vanity and floor to ceiling tiles.
Once armed with this information collect images of bathrooms you like. Don’t think about it to begin with, just create a scrapbook over a period of a few weeks. Once this is complete try to highlight what it is that you like about the design.
At this stage it is advisable to contact an interior designer to put all this information into your dream design. Getting the correct layout in a bathroom is difficult, especially if it is a renovation that is on a slab as plumbing constraints have an impact on the finished space. It is possible to alter the plumbing position, but this will mean digging up the slab, which in turn results in higher costs, but in the long run this may be well worth the expense.
To complete your bathroom design, the following decisions need to be taken into consideration:

The position of task lighting is vital, as is the towel rack. You do not want to walk to the other side of the bathroom to get a towel once alighting from the bath or shower. Is it possible to link the bathroom to the laundry via a laundry chute if you live in a two-storey home? Added to this is the colour scheme and finishes. ☐

# Current trends in bathroom accessories * Black tapware * Free standing bath * Rain shower head * Vanities with drawers * Feature wall of tiles * Floor to ceiling tiles