Nestled in beautiful Maraylya is a slice of Bali in the form of delightful gardens and beautful surroundings that take little more than a car ride to enjoy.
Bali Garden is a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, take in the sweet smells of incense, and get lost in the many elevated Bali-style pavilions set among ponds and delicate Indonesian-style bridges and fountains.
Bali Garden imports a container of Balinese treasures nearly every month. Due to every artefact imported from Bali being hand made, no two items are exactly the same and every container arrival is exciting, as it will hold never seen before artefacts. Bali Garden specialises in carved stone and timber garden artefacts from Bali and Lombok, including water gardens, water spouts, traditional statues and Lombok pottery.
Huge ranges of smaller items to suit every budget decorate the display sheds. There are also garden displays where inspiration awaits.
The Balinese religion is predominantly Hindu with a mixture of Buddhism, and the art of Bali is inspired from these religions. Peace and tranquillity, combined with driving out evil spirits, is the basis of Balinese garden design.
Bali Garden owner Sue Clark and her husband Ralph fell in love with Bali and its people on their first visit, and have returned regularly since.
“Every time we went to Bali and brought a container of goods back with us people wanted to buy items from us,” Sue Clark said.
“So one morning I suggested to Ralph that I’d like to create my own bit of Bali on our property, and what started out as a one-shed display house has now grown to include all that I have managed to collect here today.
“A cafe and day spa are all part of the plan. People travel to Bali to relax, and we want to bring that here to Sydney, so even if you can’t make the time to travel over there, you can just drive over to Bali Garden and have the same experience.”
To learn more about this tranquil oasis, the Balinese culture and artefact designs, visit or speak to Sue on 0418 203 051.
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